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Easy and Neat Rain Gutter Garden Ideas

Rain gutter garden – Home gardening gives plenty advantages aside from its impact to the environment. Arguably, home garden itself is a form of living art to one’s house. Just like how arts are, it delivers some sort of satisfaction and character of the homeowners. Additionally, gardening activities at home improves mental well-being of the gardeners. People considers the activities as moderate outdoor exercise and have stress-relieving effect, either done by oneself or with others.

This day, people are becoming more inventive in order to overcome present challenges in home gardening. The idea of rain gutter garden arises for homeowners with little to no yard space for gardening. People who live in apartment or condominium often opt to install this type of home gardening. Furthermore, rain gutter garden is effective to keep plants away from the pets. Its unique appeal and benefits makes more and more people adopt this type of garden installation to their home.

There are plenty of vertical garden DIY ideas which you can choose to suit your resource and needs. This article covers several fascinating and worth-trying ideas of rain gutter garden, either outdoor or indoor, and selection of plants growing in gutters. Basically, gutter gardens take some time and cost in the beginning, but the benefits make all the works worth it.

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What Is Rain Gutter Garden System?

Image Source: Brit Haines

Simply put, this type of vertical gardening utilizes rain gutter as a planter. The aim is to reuse old building materials and modify them to be productive materials, which in this case is gardening. Therefore, it is possible to use other materials than old rain gutters, such as used PVC pipes, wood, or metal.

The gutters then placed vertically, one row of gutter above another. Commonly, the gutters are simply mounted on the wall or hung up. The vertical installation lets water to drip from the top row of gutter to the gutter below. Thus, the lower gutter needs not as much water as the top. Just remember to drill several holes to each planter beforehand.

Various plants, particularly smaller plants, can grow in rain gutter garden. As an example, herbs such as basil, or vegetables such as lettuce are best picks to grow in gutter. If the lighting and the temperature are correct, it is possible to grow indoor, too. In consequence, rain gutter garden make homeowner’s access to fresh produce more practical.

Benefits of Rain Gutter Garden

Why rain gutter garden? Firstly, rain gutter garden has its own creative charm, both as a house decoration and a home garden. Various design is available to adjust conformity of the house and purpose. Concurrently, it offers practicality and homegrown productivity to any living space. Here are top benefits of rain gutter garden among many reasons to create one.

Instead taking up much space, rain gutter garden rather optimize unused spaces in the house. A large empty space on the wall, for instance. Not only that, rain gutter garden is multi-functional. The position of rain gutter garden can replace the function of divider wall or outer border wall for the house. In other word, rain gutter garden creates privacy to certain spots by intention.

Comparably Affordable
Rain gutter garden installation, compared to common garden or raised bed garden, is fairly cheaper. The preparation utilizes materials that are no longer used at home. Homeowners may need to buy other supporting materials to build the frame, but it will not cost a grand. Indeed, there are pre-built gutter gardens available in stores. While they may be simpler to assemble, but DIY gutter gardens with used materials at home is less expensive. Additionally, they are eco-friendly, since old materials are upcycled and repurposed, reducing household waste.

Pet Proof Garden
A flaw in regular home garden is having pets messing up the soil. By keeping the plants out of pets’ reach, the rain gutter garden has low-maintenance impact rather than regular garden. Furthermore, it lowers the risk of pets playing with toxic plants. Needless to say, rain gutter garden keeps both plants and pets conversely safe.

Image Source: Brit Haines
Image Source: Brit Haines
Image Source: Brit Haines
Image Source: Brit Haines

Tips to Make Rain Gutter Garden

Although things are meant to be purposeful, any systems always have their drawbacks. The soil in rain gutter garden may dries out easily. Notably when the weather is hot, or maybe the sunlight directly expose the garden for a long period of time. The owner needs to check up on the garden regularly to make sure it is watered properly. Nevertheless, this situation can be avoided by applying these tips.

Properly plan the lighting
Design where the garden is facing to by knowing the properties of the house. How many hours the sunlight exposes certain area of the house before it is covered by shade? On the winter, or the summer, how does the sun affect the garden? As an example, east-facing garden will get sufficient light until noon and will be in the shade afterwards.

Be thoughtful when designing the gutter
If the area has a hot, dry climate, it’s essential to choose the right material of rain gutter. Consider to choose materials that reflect heat, and avoid materials like metal or steel. Not only that, dark-colored gutter also absorbs heat. Metals and dark-colored gutter dry the soil rather quickly and needs more frequent watering.

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Gutter Garden Design Ideas

Besides its practical approach to gardening, rain gutter garden has various style to express the owner’s favour. In a creative manner, the owners may combine the materials, the plants, the color scheme, and form a particular theme. In addition, the concept of rain gutter garden can vary depending on the space availability. We have discovered to this day that there are hanging vertical garden, wall gutter garden, and free standing gutter garden. Hence, there are limitless possible ideas for rain gutter garden design.

Simply Vertical, Rustic Gutter Garden

The ease of simple rain gutter garden design, stacked vertically with the same length, is beyond compare. Rustic themed is always a go-to if the house or the building adopts industrial style decoration. Or maybe, to help accentuate in vintage, archaic character to a house or a building. The garden gets rustic touch by using old aluminium gutters planter.

Recycled Vintage Planter

The framing of this unusual rain gutter succulent garden primarily consists of very old, rusty aluminium planters. Along with the wall where the paint has chipped off, it gives off an impression of a historical rural house. However, this design does not fit best with edible garden. Edible plants need to avoid the dangerous risk from corrosive substance of an antique planter. This recycled vintage planter may only serve as an aesthetic purpose. Therefore, flowers or succulent are best for this planter. For instance, various of mild tones, blooming-color succulents will stand out and complement the look of this garden.

Image Source:

Monotoned Rustic

This style combines the rustic copper planter with pond sealer coat with brick wall background. The patina, or the brownish surface in a corroded metal as the result of oxidation, blends well with the overall look. Decorative plants are distanced fairly, and a wisp of spider plants growing downward. Attractively, the owner creates earthy, natural outdoor sense in rain gutter garden.

Image Source: sustainable garden design perth

Make It Colorful!

As the planter, this vertical garden uses metal pipes, coated with polychromatic colors and filled with small decorative plants. Metallic colors, such as silver, copper, gold, sanguine red, or blue metallic makes the material look sparkly yet natural. The pipes are cut exactly in the same length, around 3 feet each. The design of this garden is quite appealing, having several rows of metal stacked vertically intermittent. It works well to divide a space outdoor.

Image Source:

Keep It Up! Hanging Gutter Garden

Building a hanging gutter garden is a fun project, even more enjoyable to do it together with other family members. Above all, hanging gutter garden owns a particular advantage that is easily removable or relocated. It holds a different kind of attraction to make a garden remarkable. For this purpose, we delivers certain ideas to spruce up your vertical garden.

PVC Pipe Gutter Garden

PVC vertical garden is an alternative if old rain gutters is not available. The weight of DIY vertical garden PVC pipe is rather light. Hence, it is guaranteed to set the whole thing up easier.

Image Source:

Wooden Hanging Gutter Garden

Wooden planter is considerably artistic. On the other hand, it may take longer time and greater effort to set it up. The woods need to be cut, assembled in design, and polished in woodstain. Chain ropes put together each wooden gutter. As a result, the flower garden will gain a picture-perfect shabby-chic customized decor.

Image Source:

Clean All-White Themed Garden

All-white becomes confidante to people who prefer a safe design to the garden. Even so, all-white is neither boring nor plain, but rather elegant and clean. The color white is deemed to bring out the colors of the plants itself to be more vivid and bold.

White Free Standing Gutter Garden

Free standing gutter garden is another way of vertical gardening with rain gutter. Several gutters are screwed tight to the wooden frame. Smaller type of free standing gutter garden like this has ease of mobility property. With this in mind, the owner can move the garden to the shaded area to avoid intense sunlight. It is best choice for homeowners who don’t have enough time to plan the whole lighting to the garden. This garden can grow edible produce like vegetables and herbs.

Image Source:

White A Frame Gutter Garden

The white A-frame gutter garden design is wooden gutter garden which arranged vertically but a little slant. The main frame of the garden is a free standing gutter garden. The shape is similar to an elbow triangle from the sides. In detail, paint the wood in white to match the entire farmhouse decor in the house. In addition, the wheels under the frame that makes the garden easily moveable is a splendid idea.

Image Source:

White Terrace Gutter Garden

White theme always works smoothly in farmhouse decor. The front terrace of the house becomes the standing poles to rain gutter which bears edible green produce. If the garden gets proper sunlight in a fair period in a day, expect the harvest to be successful. This idea truly captures gutter garden to be space-saving, low-cost, and at the same time a privacy decoration.

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White Handrail Gutter Garden

Handrail is no exception as a place to put a rain gutter garden. The rain gutter is on one side of the handrail so the handrail still hold its main function. This east-facing garden will easily get proper sunlight up until afternoon before the area gets in the shade. Herbs, small vegetables, and flowers are best grown in this garden.

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Indoor Gutter Garden

People who live in apartment don’t have outdoor space for gardening. Thus, a crafty indoor garden is not an impossible solution. Rain gutter garden still works well indoor. To illustrate, here are most dashing rain gutter garden to install indoor.

Green inside the Apartment

The windows in this apartment is pretty large, it is hard to leave it blank. In fact, the owner might think the large blank on the window is an unproductive space. Then a garden it be. Indoor garden at the back of a window is perfect. The direct sunlight will expose the plants, making only the light from the plants gap that can come through. The apartment is located amongst other tall buildings so most of the time it gets in the shade. The garden can use the metal planter with no worry of quickly dries up the soil.

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Fresh Spices for the Kitchen

The habit of living particularly in the middle of the city, where stores are accessible, is consuming store-bought goods. However the store-bought goods will never taste as fresh and organic as a homegrown product. Growing your own fresh spices container is a way to live better. This small wall garden is enough for various common herbs to add a spice in your cooking. Placing a blackboard in the back of the garden is a creative move. It makes the garden really stand out rather than just stainless steel planters on the wall.

image source:

Vertical Indoor Wall Planter

While it is commonly used outdoor, this garden can also serve as a divider wall indoor. This garden wall consist of vertically stacked planters to grow decorative plants. The owner put this garden in the living area where the natural light is sufficient for the plants. Hence, the plants will keep thriving indoor.

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Gutter Gardening

In short, gutter gardening is a term that implies growing a vertical garden in a rain gutter. While the design possibilities are limitless depending on the crafting skill and resources, not all plants can grow in gutter. Home gardeners should have enough insight regarding the properties of plants as they grow. Rain gutter gardens prefer small plants, as the space is a little too tight. Also, they don’t support plenty amount of soil. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of choice on what plants to grow in a gutter. The possibilities are also among vegetable, herb, fruit, and succulents.

Rain Gutter Vegetable Garden

Vegetables are popular for gutter garden. Vegetable gutter gardening provides the homeowners with fresh salad off the planter. Moreover, it is a different kind of satisfaction when you can track your healthy food from the seeds to your platter.


A common vegetables in vertical garden is gutter lettuce because it is suitable to plant in shallow container. There are several varieties of lettuce available, so picking the right variety for the season is necessary. Spring and fall is the right season to plant cool-season lettuce, while summer is for heat-tolerant lettuce. Harvest the lettuce before it is fully ripe to avoid bitter taste on your vegetable.

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Wait, tomatoes are big plants. In fact, tomatoes can’t grow in typical rain gutter garden where the space is too narrow for their growth. Except, the gardeners have invented a system for growing tomatoes in rain gutters. Rain gutter is modified in this case, with an addition of a bucket as a planter for the tomatoes. This type of gutter farming is known as RGGS system. It makes it possible to add self-watering rain gutter garden system plans for the plants.

image source:

Snap Peas

The brilliant technique gardeners admit to grow snap peas effectively involves rain gutters. Initially, plant the sugar snap peas seeds in rain gutters. Fall and winter is the best season to grow snap peas. After the seedlings emerge about 1 inch from the surface of the soil, transplant them to garden bed. Sowing snap peas in gutter makes the transplant slides easily. Guttering snap peas beforehand will minimize the root disturbance while transplanting, and less efforts too.

image source:

Green Onion

Green onion is also quite common for gutter garden. It only requires shallow soil to sprout and grow. It is convenient to grow and easy access to fresh ingredients.

image source:


Carrots is in the category of small root plants. On the other hand, carrots need guttering only for the sowing process. After the seedlings have sprouted, they need to be transplant to the garden bed.

image source:

Rain Gutter Herb Garden

Herb is rather small plants, so it goes well to grow in rain gutter garden. Indoor rain gutter garden are usually herbs if not decorative plants. The aromatic effect of certain fresh herb while growing is good for indoor. Not only that, but also no more worries if the kitchen is running low on spices since supplies are nearby.


Mints are natural fragrance and have particular refreshing taste for desserts. Growing mints in gutter garden is however tricky. Mints growing fast and may spread as they grows. Growing mints in the same gutter as other herbs may disrupt other herbs growth. Therefore, grow mints in the same row of gutter.

image source:


If you like pesto, then it is wise have your basil homegrown for a whole taste of freshness. If not, it is also a great idea to handpick a couple leaves of basil or more, slice it thinly to sprinkle as topping to your cooking later. It adds fragrant to your meal.

image source:


As a small herb originated from Greece, Italian foods use oregano more often. Oregano is best eaten fresh along with the meal, dried or brewed as a herbal tea. Thus having fresh oregano in your home is beneficial.

image source:


Marinating and grilling meat often use rosemary to reduce the meat’s odor. Other than that, Fresh rosemary has woodsy scent, it is often useful to be room aromatherapy. Growing fresh rosemary is useful to add a little scent to the room.

image source:


Similar to other herbs, thyme is useful for giving fragrant to dish, particularly Mediterranean and French. For a long period of time, people also consider thyme as one of herbal remedies to certain illness. Thus homegrown thyme serves many purpose in your house.

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Rain Gutter Succulent Garden

Succulent garden is low maintenance and easy to plant in rain gutter garden. Small succulents are great ornament to the house. Since design ideas for the gutter garden are limitless, succulent garden is a fascinating DIY project to plan and execute.

image source:

Rain Gutter Floral Garden

Floral gardens can vary to the owner’s liking. The garden can only consist of one variety of flower, or make it colorful, or even combine it to other kind of flower. This planters consist of 3 different kinds of flowers. The picturesque of this planter is shown by applying hanging concept and a clean, white color for the planter.

image source:

Growing Strawberries in Gutter Garden

Strawberries can grow for up to approximately 20 inches, so they are categorized in small plants. Growing strawberries in gutter has many advantages for the quality of the fruit. Strawberries which are ripe and ready to harvest will bend lower since gravitys pull the weight down. If it is not picked soon, the fruit could touch the soil.

However, the soil may be toxic to the fruit due to fungi or other infectants. By growing them in gutter garden, it avoid the risk of the fruits to make contact with the soil. Besides, the appearance of gutter garden strawberries when the fruits are ripe, red, and dangling is a pleasing view. Generally, strawberry gutter project is impressive and engaging.

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In brief, growing plants in rain gutter garden has great deal of benefits. Yet, the installation is fairly cheap and practical. Anyone can easily start a gutter garden project at home. Thereby anyone can easily contribute to the environment and improve the green area of their living place at once. Furthermore, home gardening provides the owner with fresh harvest for a healthier meal. Ultimately, gardening at home affects the quality of people’s live.


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