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Outdoor Fireplace Ideas (Small, Modern, Portable, Patio)

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas – A home is not just a house, meaning it is more than a building. It is the manifestation of your life circle, since it is the start of every decision you make. Therefore, designing a home means creating your dreams. As a place to more than living, it has the primary functions as well as secondary ones. Yes, of course, you can live, work, sleep, and some fundamental activities in your life.

Moreover, it is also the center of creativity. Besides, a convenient home appeals to people to stay in the room. Furthermore, an artsy building like home shows who you are for telling you what you are going to do every single day. Also, of course, one of the vital accessories at home for those functions is an outdoor fireplace.  Besides accommodating you with warmth, it also gives you some aesthetical look.

How to Decorate an Outdoor Fireplace?

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If you are going to decorate a house with an outdoor fireplace, you have to consider some elements. For some reason, it is quite similar to the fire pit. You know, both are the enchanting spot for being mingled with the family as it gives more entertaining angle in an outdoor area.

However, if you happened to choose which one is better, try to look at some considerations. First, dealing with privacy, an outdoor fireplace gives you more than the fire pit since it blocks an unsightly view. Second, dealing with the cost, a fire pit is less expensive than the outdoor fireplace one since while custom-built, it covers more extensive permanent backyard addition rather than a fire pit. Therefore, here are some steps on how to decorate an outdoor fireplace as one of the options.

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1. The Intention of Building an Outdoor Fireplace

While building an outdoor fireplace, you have to consider what your intention is. Do you want to make it warm, casual, relaxing, or playful nuance?  It affects how you design the whole look, including its details. For example, you have to consider what to plant, what to put, and what prominent color you want.

2. The Benefits of Building an Outdoor Fireplace

As an additional spot, an outdoor fireplace has some significant functions for the owner. Therefore, what the benefits you want to get are. Do you want to make it as cooking, barbecuing, or just sitting there?  It determines how you choose, which gives the best heat.

3. The Suitable Materials for Building an Outdoor Fireplace

The need for selecting the best materials fits the architectural style of the house.  You have to choose while doing harmonizations or contrasting the adjacent structures. It determines how big and how active the fireplace must be.

4. The Best Spot for Building an Outdoor Fireplace

It is an essential part of building an outdoor fireplace. The best spot helps you achieve the intention of making it. Consider some safety issues, the environment, and the whole appearance. You may choose a small yard, patio, or deck in the backyard.

5. The Suitable Size and Shape of an Outdoor Fireplace

Never compete for an outdoor fireplace with the landscape. They have to be united as a complete aesthetical structure. While having family members, you had better add an extended hearth with adequate sittings. However, if you have the small one, make it more intimate.

6. The Installation of Perfect Landscape

A perfect landscape can be achieved while no significant issues are dealing with the surface. For example, they are the slopes, overgrown trees, and utility lines. For this project, consider hiring professional workers to design a level surface or the other way so that the result will be matching with your expectations.

7. Considering the Drainage

Both closed or opened an outdoor fireplace, pay attention to the drainage. It will keep the foundation safe and robust enough.

It avoids standing water as weakening the cracking, crumbling, and structural damage to the foundation.

8. The Urgent of Locating an Outdoor Fireplace Near Storage

It cannot be denied that both closed and opened outdoor fireplace needs convenient storage.  Just in case you have to store some utensils, fire tools, artificial logs, and some cushions, it would be more comfortable and safer.

9. Safety Concerns While Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

Do not forget to pay attention to your safety while installing an outdoor fireplace. It means that make sure your house would be elegant while putting some pieces of stuff outdoor. Give enough ventilation and use a substantial brick or stone to avoid igniting nearby brush. You have to pay attention to your neighborhood’s feelings too.

10. Understanding The Code and Regulations for Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

What it means is that all the types of equipment have to follow the regulations, i.e., the installation, fire codes, chimney height, flues, gas lines, and ventilation. Make sure that it supports the standard area so that it would not be a hazard property.

Outdoor Fireplace Kits

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Like other properties, an outdoor fireplace has kits too. Therefore, what is outdoor fireplace kits meant is a set of masonry products comprised of pre-engineered component blocks, which are used to ignite the stack and mortar to be a fireplace and chimney system. These help you do the installation orderly and well.

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Outdoor Patio Fireplace Ideas

( Want to be in a paradisiacal place? The sense of nature and its purity are coming to you. It is how an outdoor patio fireplace works. It enables the people in it to crackle flames during fall. Also, you can enjoy basking in the evening of summer. What a truly heaven is it? Here are some preferences on the pictures of outdoor fireplaces and patios, which might be following your desires.

1. Fireplace Idea for Outdoor

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To feel the natural sense, beige color is the best neutral color. It fits many textures as well as materials of other properties. With this base color, all you have to do is gives more ornament to the surfaces or the patterns. For example, you can combine the brick fireplace borders with the wooden tile.

2. Nice Place to Relax

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If you are an old soul, this design is you. With the traditional patio design, feel the wind blowing in the evening or enjoying the warm sunshine in the morning. With adequate sofas, being mingled with friends is possible. The wooden roof gives more light as having a medium tone color.

3. American Style of Fireplace

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Looking for a contemporary taste? The American style of fireplace is the answer. The central concept of it is getting the realm of the present of the fire.  With asymmetrical bricks, feel disharmony in harmony. The additional wall lamps give the energy inside. It is precisely the realm of spirit.

4. Decorative Areas

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For you having a large backyard, this design is highly recommended.  Put a fireplace with mosaic stones as borders. Put in the woods in the storage.  Choose the dark wooden roof. Contrast it with the fireplace borders and the carpet. Bring in some sofas as a comfortable sitting.

5. Simple Outdoor Fireplace

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It is suitable for you, living near a lake or having an outdoor pool. The little bit-forested sense adds more engaging natural vibes. With the circular fireplace, being mingled with the family members is such an intimate gathering. Instead of using chairs, use a bench of stones as the alternative seating. Settling additional lamps gives more light outside.

Portable Outdoor Fireplace

Are you planning to have a portable outdoor fireplace? Yes, sometimes, you have to move here and there, for maybe rain, dazzling sun, windy season, and many more. Thus, the presence of a portable outdoor fireplace holds a significant role in your life. Besides, if you do not have a permanent place to be mingled with family, it will be useful to use.

1. Warmer Tool

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Do you live in a forested or mountainous area? Besides it gives more fresh air, it gives warmth more, especially in the evening.  Using warmer tool design enhances a more cordial atmosphere in the family room. With its small size, it is practical and easy to use. Therefore, you can install it yourself effortlessly.

2. Mobile Layout Fireplace

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With two fireplace buttons, it gives a more warm and graceful performance. Using the stainless as the borders, it is elegant. You can set them free here and there without any complicated installations. Design it harmoniously with the floor design i.e., the material and the color.  Do not forget to choose the perfect spot so that the wind does not blow up the fire.

3. Creative Fire

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Why not choosing the appealing fireplace with elegant design rather than the elegant one? You can get it all by selecting ones, which emits more fire with the creative style.  It helps you to avoid many additional properties both for the fireplace and for the atmosphere inside. It becomes the center of attraction.

4. Smart Heat

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What it means by smart here is that it is efficient enough to use although simple. It burns more woods and gives more heat though small. Select the ones with specific material like iron for the core of the fire buttons. With the proper installation, it is beneficial during winter.

5. Firebox Thought

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This one is unpredictable. Yes, the firebox thought. Besides its protection, the firebox is also suitable for you who have limited space. Using it will cut the size of the room and make it simpler to install. You may visit some preferences online so that you can choose which one is matching with the theme.

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

(Nowadays, technology has been changing quickly, including a fireplace as one of amenities at home. A modern outdoor fireplace enhances more modern both the look and the functions. It usually does not focus on how it appeals to the atmosphere but on creating a strong theme of the room.

1. Awesome Table with Fire

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This design provides you with a square fireplace in the middle of the room. With the aquatic design, it brings you to a place like a pool or oceanic one. It appeals to you to focus on gathering with your partners exclusively. Therefore, it seems like it is a little bit formal for doing works, there is also possible.

2. Elegant Modern Designs

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I can tell you that this is a design for you liking to having a party. With the outdoor setting, you can spend the night here without any major distractions.  With a big fireplace, it gives more warmth and ample space to utilize the fire as a display. Choose a raven and gray as the border so that it is more elegant.

3. Concepts of Eye-Catching Fireplace

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Eye-catching does not mean posh; it means people see it will get deeply impressed. Like this one, with the eye shape, it creates a solid theme of solitude while putting outdoor. It forces you to see the beauty of anything. It tells you how a spirit comes inside the fire and is like the spirit in you.

It shows you how to act and react to the beyond. It is just merely a power.

4. Outdoor Living Space

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Having a narrow space? Why don’t you choose the one with some unique indoor/outdoor as a mirror to increase more fireside views? Yes, you can start over by putting the fireplace in the middle of the room. With the terracotta brick, it seems a Mediterranean combined with the twilight design. What a great combination!

5. Electric Gas

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Instead of employing the wooden as the fuel of the fireplace, the modern design offers you the one with an electric gas. Just in case you live in an exclusive villa, this outdoor gas fireplace ideas might be functional while getting old at night. It creates a more clean design to the whole look of the park.

Outdoor stone fireplace ideas

Want to get impressed with the elegant but rustic taste? An outdoor stone fireplace idea is never out of date. It creates solid theme. It also determines the design and treatments. However, you hire some professionals but decorating some ornaments as a fundamental thing can be a DIY outdoor fireplace.

1. Innovative stove

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Getting bored with the typical fireplace design? Well, this design can be an alternative while sitting in the backyard, completed with an outdoor fireplace.  You can choose the big corals as the fireplace borders. Put some succulents on top as the decoration. With a green touch, you can feel the fresh and joyful moment.

2. The Newest Design of Kitchen

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This exclusive design of the fireplace brings you to forest life. It is more like a small temple with a fire inside. The medium tone color of bricks gives a more attracting look. Put some small flower plants around as the decoration. For more romantic nuance, bring some candies as well as adding more light there. Enjoying beautiful sunrise or sunset, there is the best moment ever.

3. Coffee House Family

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Do you like drinking coffee? I think almost everyone in this world loves coffee so much. Drinking coffee in the morning increases your spirit to start the new day. You can enjoy it in the evening or night sitting with your family members. With some curved stone design, set up a big posh fireplace in the middle of the backyard. Put some slope chairs to be more relax.

4. Beautiful Outdoor Areas

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With a little bit of urban taste, build in a center of attraction by locating the fireplace under a wooden roof.  Use stone fireplace borders and give some additional lamps on top. Conjoin some seating around it instead of design it bare without any decoration. Add also some pillars at the edge with other lights too to create a more intimate sense.

5. Outdoor Dual Sided Fireplace

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It is like what its name is a modest one. Without many decorations, it creates a solemn. Using a mosaic of stones, you can build in the foundation as well as the borders. Instead, to avoid monotonous sense, use some bricks inside the fireplace. Add some succulents on top to give fresher nuance. Then bring some pillows so that you can sit next to it.

Small Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Having a small backyard? Do not worry, nowadays; a small property can fit both small and big ones. Using small outdoor fireplace ideas allows you to get more prepared planning and natural treatments. It is because the wrong angle or spot will ruin the theme of a small room with its presence instead of making them enchanting.

1. Outdoor Room

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Living in housing with an adjacent neighbor house sometimes is rude. What I mean is that you have to create such a friendly atmosphere around the house. Therefore, installing an outdoor fireplace in the backyard can be an alternative. You may sit with your neighbors while evening to chit and chat together. With a dome be like, it is such a brilliant design. You can also put a TV next to it for more joyful nuance.

2. Interesting Fire

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What if you have to deal with an exclusive fireplace model at the edge of the backyard? Do not worry; it is not that hard. Put a single small fireplace with some combinations of material. It might be wood, ceramic, and glass. With raven base colors, the fire would be seen lighter and warmer. With the coral as the tile, you can bring some sofas next to it.

3. Beauty and Warmth of Outdoor Fire

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These covered outdoor fireplace ideas employ a closed fireplace with a modest but warm look. With the beige color, it is lighter and would be easy to notice when night. The glass cover seems so contagious while the fire is burning inside. The concept of the mini-park here is gradating the colors into a harmony. The floor, chairs, hedge as well as the table. Rattan chairs are the best amenity. Bring in a small plant to cheer up the atmosphere.

4. Features of Flame

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The burning fire is beautiful art. You can keep them flare by choosing the prime exclusive one. The silver brick borders are best to synchronize with the floor. With an appropriate angle, you can enjoy the sunrise in the morning well. Bring in two or three chairs as seating. You do not need to employ some plants around since the trees around have given enough new view.

5. Incredible Fire in Bowl

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I do not think you are thinking about this one. This astonishing fire in a bowl gives you spirit while sitting there. With a raven foundation, it absorbs energy from nature then transforms it into you. As a simple, elegant style, add some green plants in the jugs so that they keep tidy. Feel the neat, clean, but great spot there.


Getting confused with so many considerations of properties of the house? Now, you cannot rush on it. Be ready to install an outdoor fireplace as a magnificent sculpture for your exterior design. Adjust it with its installation, size, shape, and other practical purpose and functions. Then, feel the realm of art in your house.


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