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Open Kitchen Design (Cozy and Classic Open Kitchen)

Open Kitchen Design – Making the kitchen a pleasant place in your home is no longer impossible. The kitchen was strictly a workspace. If all this time, the kitchen has always been a hidden place in the very back of the house. We even choose to forever “hide” our kitchen from others.

The open concept kitchen has been around since the 1990s and continues famous. It is more commonly known as an “open concept or an “open floor plan” kitchen. It has been the goal in a great many major remodeling projects in older homes, where the objective is to join the kitchen and dining room, dining room, and living room—or all three—into some form of communal living space.

With open kitchen design, welcoming your guests directly from the kitchen for more is no longer impossible. The concept of an open kitchen will add a warm impression to your guests. In addition, the kitchen is no longer synonymous with domestic space but becomes a place where you can spend a lot of time with your family and people closest to you.

What is Open Concept Kitchen ?

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An open concept kitchen is not something unusual anymore, especially in the case of modern and contemporary homes. Open concept spaces in a home are the elimination of barriers such as walls and doors that traditionally separated distinct functional areas.

Open floor plans do not mean all rooms are connected. It is applied only in shared space, such as a kitchen with a dining room, a living room with a dining room, or involves some combination of kitchen, living room, and dining room. A few room designs even that combine a kitchen with workspace and a small library.


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Is an Open Plan Kitchen a Good Idea ?

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A kitchen with an open concept has pros and cons. You must consider well whether this concept fits the condition of your home or not. Open concept kitchen can be a perfect solution and suitable if you live in a house that does not have ample space and requires a high cost to create additional space. But, the open kitchen will not be suitable for those of you who prefer peace and privacy because it will be difficult to control noise due to the absence of walls that limit the space to each other. Even the difficulty of preventing the aroma of your cooking “pollutes” the living room.

Open kitchen design is great for social activity. This concept has other advantages, including space can be multifunctional depending on your need at the moment, adequate natural lighting in your kitchen, make a broader impression for your home, keeps the family in touch by integrating meal prep with nearby activities.

How Can I Make My Kitchen More Open ?

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Open areas can help your kitchen feel more spacious, making your kitchen more open requires creativity in managing what you have. You can visually stretch your space while also maximizing what you do have in the kitchen. These small changes can create significant effects and make your kitchen feel more open.

1. Tear Down the Wall

As discussed earlier, the open kitchen design means “forgetting” the presence of walls in your kitchen. Taking down the wall signifies that “good change is coming.” It may make your privacy a little disturbed, but this is a consequence if you refute the open kitchen design, But It is allowing you to create a cozy eating area and add the more significant kitchen island and pantry.

2. Use Kitchen Island as “The Wall”

If you dream about open kitchen design with living room floor plans, a kitchen island can make a good transition between two rooms. Place the kitchen island in the right places, where each room gets the right portion. If space for cooking too large, it allows reducing the comfort in your living room; conversely, if it is too small you will be quite challenging to manage the appliance you have 

3. Maximize  the Corner

You need to take advantage of every inch of your space. Cover all the angles of the kitchen corner with something useful. Try to install the corner sink. This placement can be a smart, efficient way to make use of the open floor plan kitchen.

Open Kitchen For Small Space

Open kitchen design, especially in a small space allows the owners to watch TV while cooking at the same time. Applying the open kitchen concept to a limited space is the right idea. The selection of components to fill a small kitchen is something that must be planned well so that your kitchen seems more spacious without making it look too dull.

Open Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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The cabinets are one of the most essential parts of the kitchen.  Kitchen cabinets are the custom made furniture installed in kitchens for storing the cooking equipment, dishes, food and spice. Other than that, it can also enhance the appearance of the kitchen. Optimize the function of your open concept kitchen by choosing the right cabinet for limited space.

1. Open Shelving In a Corner Space

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Creating the right angle and use the corner space of your open kitchen to build open shelving. These open shelving kitchen ideas are looking so brilliant to use an otherwise “dead space” to its best possible advantage, with the mixture of bright white and the addition of thick and floating oak cabinets. Use the open space for a microwave and other attractive kitchen gadgets for modern looks.

2. Cooking Tool Wall Storage

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Setting up a small space kitchen can be more frustrating. There are many ways to make your equipment neatly arranged, including utilizing vertical space in your kitchen, such as your wall. Do not think that by storing your appliance on the wall will damage the visual beauty of your kitchen. Choose the color of cookware that matches the theme of your kitchen. Silver is the most appropriate to match the color of your cooking furniture. Install the hanging pot rack and hanging knife magnet for a neater and orderly impression.

3. More Counter Space

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In a small space, extra counter space is a little bit hard to come by. You need to deal with what you have. You can add more counter space with straightforward things like eliminating something that is not important. All you need is a few large, closed cabinets to hide your appliances and leave your table empty to increase the impression of a big space for your small kitchen.

Furniture For Small Kitchen

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When you want to make a small space feel bigger, you need kitchen storage furniture to save space. Narrow kitchen not only holds extra dishes and appliances, but it can also display paintings and favorite decor pieces to add visual interest to the room. Choose furniture that is not only functional but also beautifies the look of your kitchen.

1. Light-Colored Kitchen Cabinet

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You want a big cabinet to store all your kitchen equipment but don’t want to shrink the size of your kitchen visually? Choose open kitchen cabinets with light-color to open up your kitchen and create a bright impression of your kitchen.

2. Decorated with Pot Racks

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A pot rack might be a solution for cabinet space problems. Hanging pot racks are best used to make access to pots and other equipment more accessible and more convenient. It is not just kitchen storage. It works for craft and decorating ideas for your kitchen.

3. Hideaway Furniture

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“Hidden” means it can be removed and brought back when needed. Hideaway Furniture, such as a folding wall table, is an excellent idea for space problems. Put it in the corner of your room. A folding wall table will transform into wall hangings when you are not needed.

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas

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The open shelving kitchen trend has been around for a few years now. It might be a great option if you’re looking for some fresh, modern vibes into your kitchen space. Open shelving is also a good option if you have some unusable space in your kitchen. Here are some open shelving kitchen ideas that you can apply to your open concept kitchen.

1. Pegboard Shelves

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Pegboard is a board with small holes that spread evenly across its surface. These holes serve to attach hooks, which will be useful for placing objects. With Pegboard shelves, the wall does not need to be nailed many times when you want to put something. Organize your kitchen equipment to become more accessible and more beautiful.

2. Metal Shelves

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Metal is an efficient and durable material for your kitchen shelves. If you’ve ever done a kitchen renovation, you know that shelving is often one of your most significant expenses. However, going with an open metal shelving plan in your kitchen can save you quite a bit of money.

3. Floating Shelves

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Floating Shelves are so high with their popularity is unparalleled to any other storage option. They look so great “floating” against the wall without any visible attachment. It became so popular because the extra space wall space around floating shelves will make it look lighter to the eyes and create an airier atmosphere.

Open Kitchen Design Ideas

The open kitchen design concept does have its uniqueness compared to kitchen design in general. The idea of an open kitchen is now often chosen by minimalist homeowners. This concept does make housing feel more spacious.  Generally, the design of an open kitchen is made without insulation and integrates with the living room or family room. Here are some references that you can apply to start the concept of an open kitchen.

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1. Open Kitchen With Living Room

Home design space has a new style that is quite popular. The kitchen is no longer a particular room separate from other places. An open kitchen with a living room means combining the kitchen with the living room in the same places. It allows you to get closer to your guests and create a warmer atmosphere. You can even cook while talking to your guests. here are some design ideas that can help:

1. Classic-Bright Colour  

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The classic design with one dominant bright color will make a lasting impression in your kitchen. Apply creamy white color on the walls and ceiling. Strengthen the classic impression by adding various size chandeliers and patterned dining chairs.

2. Modern- Dark Colour

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Modern kitchen designs usually use a dominant white color. But choosing a dark color for your open kitchen concept isn’t always bad.

The safest way is to keep your kitchen walls, and ceiling white then chooses black for some furniture that looks dominant, such as cabinets, tables, and sofas.

3. Rustic Ideas

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Rustic nuance will add a unique impression to your kitchen. Creating a rustic kitchen need your creativity to bring the feeling of natural materials and weathered accent. Wooden furniture is the right choice for a rustic theme. Add the murphy bed to keep your guest comfortable while waiting for you to serve them with delicious meals.

4. Separated with Curtains for a Little Bit Privasi

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The cons of the concept of an open kitchen are the absence of private space for your kitchen. If you want an open kitchen concept but choose to maintain some privacy, add a beautiful thin curtain between the kitchen and your living room. You can still show off your kitchen without too much exposing it.

2. Open Kitchen With Dining Room

The most common thing done in an open kitchen design is to combine it with the dining room. Because cooking and eating are two activities that are interconnected with each other. Here are some open kitchen designs with a dining room that will make your cooking and dining activities more enjoyable

1. Bold-colored Ideas

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Make your dining room as the center of attention is not too difficult. Choose a dining chair with a color that contrasts with the furniture around it.  Turquoise dining chairs made of faux leather are a matching pair for your cherry theme kitchen.

2. Arch Design Kitchen Dining Room

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Open concept kitchen does not have a wall dividing the room from each other, but that does not mean you can not play with a unique design with your kitchen. Why not try to make a gate with an arch design that will connect the kitchen with your dining room. An open kitchen with an arch design will bring a unique and unusual impression for your guest.

3. Industrial Design Kitchen Dining Room

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Using an industrial design in your kitchen with an open concept is a brilliant idea. It is beneficial, always looks great, comfortable to achieve, and functional. The industrial kitchen is all about raw textural beauty. It is hard to look away from this modern industrial kitchen that combines with loft-style and frames by thick black metal bars.

4. One-Wall Modular Kitchen

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Modular Kitchen is an excellent idea for saving the place that able you to choose the variety of cabinets and layout to meet your needs. Modular kitchens are also very stylish and affordable. It is a great idea to have a modular kitchen with a dining room. Complete your emerald kitchen cabinets with a small dining table for the elegant looks.

Open Kitchen With Island

The kitchen island is one of the most essential things for your house. a kitchen island is not only used for preparing food, but it can also give an “identity” for your kitchen. here are some great examples of kitchen island that fit for your open concept kitchen.

1. Family Farm House L-shaped

Source : Alexandra Rae Design

L-shaped island is usually full of height cabinets. It will match with your farmhouse open kitchen. If you love something multifunctional, an L-shaped island will meet with your needs. Add some beautiful dining chairs that match with the hand-painting wall, and the island will transform to be a dining table.

2. Dutch Colonial U-shaped

Source : Visbeen Architects

U-shaped kitchen cabinets are designed for high efficiency because you can quickly move from stove to sink, and all of your appliances are easily accessible. It is suitable for a big family or entertaining cooks. If you loved the dramatic design for your kitchen, you should steal the ideas from this Dutch Colonial open kitchen design. Complete your dream kitchen with a cozy window seat that features an informal eating area.

3. Classic Circular-Shaped

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Circular-Shaped kitchen cabinets are suited for small kitchen because it provides the ease of being reachable from any side. Everyone who is sitting around the circular-shaped island will easy to strike the conversation. You will love this kitchen island idea if you are the one who likes to socialize.

4. Rolling Island Ideas

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Rolling Kitchen island Ideas are movable and the perfect choice for narrow open concept kitchen. It is flexible to create extra counter space that allows you to move the island wherever you need it. If you have a lot of dishes to serve for guests, switch your rolling island function as a serving chart.

Open Kitchen Design in Hall

The uses of open hall kitchen in house or apartment began to utilize due to the lessening amount of space. Open kitchen design in the hall is an extraordinary idea that arises from a limitation. Limited space does not mean limited purposes to make your kitchen look more stunning. Try some of these ideas to design your kitchen in the hall.

1. Cozy Hall Kitchen Design

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As the kitchen and the hall attached, doesn’t mean you can’t make it cozy. The selection of blue and white is the neutral color to create a comfortable impression for your minimalist kitchen. Put the dining table adjacent to the kitchen island so that the space around you becomes wider.

2. Country Kitchen Hall Design

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Country kitchen ideas were becoming so popular because they create a warm impression of your house. You can also apply the country concept to your kitchen hall by combining the wood and marble material. The cream marble countertops and carved woodwork will attach the attention.

3. Modular Hall Kitchen design

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Integrate the living room with a modular open kitchen is a great idea. You can start from combined a few neutral cabinets and countertops. Playing with the pattern is okay, too. Apply a similar pattern design for the sofa, rug, and half of the kitchen wall.

4. Small Flat Open Kitchen Design

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The open kitchen hall concept is perfect for a small flat. You have to “obey the rules” that bright colors will leave a broader impression in a room. But don’t be afraid to play with bold colors. You can style your flat with a combination of white and green accents for a stylish modern look.

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Open Kitchen design is better for entertaining and make a broader impression of your house. Moreover, it makes you stay connected with your guests or family member while preparing food. Choosing a kitchen with an open concept means that you will consciously lose your privacy. Therefore, you must determine precisely the design that suits your needs and personality.

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