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Memorial Garden Ideas

Every living being leaves marks in the world. The marks can exist in tangible forms, notably published works, which are usually archived. Another form is intangible, something that resides in people who were left behind. The memories, though it can’t always be archived, it is something precious because it is more personal. Arguably, those marks should live on even after they were not there anymore.

To honor those who have left, some people cherish the memories in a special meaningful space, particularly a memorial garden. In fact, both government and non-government institution has already establish a specific memorial garden for certain people. However, knowing how impractical it would be, many people sincerely build one at their own garden. It feels more private that way, and therefore more valuable, for some people. Nevertheless, any preference should be well-thought out. More importantly, think of how the late loved ones would want to be remembered.

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What Is A Memorial Garden?

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A memorial garden is a section in a garden specifically intended to honor a loved one who has passed away. Effectively, creating a memorial garden is a healthy way to cope with the loss of a loved one and heal. A memorial garden can show how close you were before the loss. While creating one, you would relive the memories of some little yet precious things regarding them. Those things including the flower they used to like, the color scheme they would prefer, to the scent they might have brought along. Certain memorial garden also displays a decoration of what used to be their special belonging.

Memorial garden can be as large as a park, or as small as a square foot of a lawn, or maybe just as big as a tree. As its purpose is to save your cherished memories, it has no restraints towards how would it takes form. Indeed, any way is fine as long as it sincerely express meaningful tribute to someone you dearly adored.

What Is A Good Tree To Plant For A Memorial?

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Tips to Create A Memorial Garden?

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A loved one’s death leaves a void that demands to be mend with no ordinary care. But as the saying goes: eventually, time heals almost all wounds. However, don’t just wait around for the healing, since we also have to do something on our part, too. Hence, creating a memorial garden is not merely for commemorating the loss. As a matter of fact, it is a way to go through the loss in a healthy way. To deliver the meaningful feelings with a memorial garden, here are a few things to first be sure about:

Be sincere and generous

The first rule is not to be parsimonious. Considering how much the deceased have given impact to your life, you should make some effort to the garden. Think of it as an eternal last gift for your loved one, you wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression on them. As it conveys your feelings and how meaningful they were, try to give the best shot you’ve got.

Select the plants carefully

While it is not as complicated as other garden can be, don’t leave out the details of the plants. Most importantly, make sure the plants can flourish well in the location.

Basically there are certain selection of plants for either sunny or shady area. Be careful not to choose the wrong plants for the wrong location. Otherwise the plants won’t grow well and potentially tarnish the atmosphere in the garden.

Prioritize flowering plants

Flowering plants carry meanings they symbolize. For example, pink carnations that represents endless love of a children to his/her parents. On the other hand, yellow tulips symbolize friendship, or maybe forget-me-not flowers that symbolizes true love.

Plant memorial tree

What is a good tree to plant for a memorial? Just like flowers, some trees bear certain meaning in their presence. Rowan tree is renowned to blossom every spring and bear red berries in autumn. It carried out as a “Tree of Life” in Celtic myth and it symbolizes wisdom and protection. The same goes for Hawthorn tree since it designates protection and love.

Pay attention to detail

Lastly, it is optional but it is 0very nice to go beyond and decorate the garden. Be thoughtful to decorate in the way that he or she loved or was special for his or her. Some decorations can even be customized as to how they would like. Such as marker stone that’s engraved with his or her memorable quotes. In addition, maybe add a little statue according to their preferences while they were alive. For example, a dog statue for a person who was a dog lover in his or her life.

Stone Memorial Garden Ideas

Basically, using stone for a memorial garden is pretty common since quite long ago. Nowadays there are many options of tombstones to choose from. There are personalized stones which are stones with custom statement engraved on them, some even engraved picture on the stone. Here are several ideas to inspire you into classic stone memorial garden.

Asian-inspired Rock River Memorial Garden

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This home memorial garden ideas involving river rocks as the dry beds as outer circular border. Tiny crushed granite gravels cover the inner circle alongside with the stepping stone. Furthermore, one person is fit to sit on the edge of the garden using the small wooden chair. It delivers a tone of warmth and softness of an elderly wisdom.

Stone Carving Memorial Garden

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Using carved stone as a decoration in memorial ideas for garden is rather appealing and unique. The stone has one side smoothed out and carved to look like a drawing of a bird. Visually, it resembles the way of ancient drawings on cave walls. Placing one on a memorial garden has this artistic value, combined with the evergreen that highlights the stone’s features.

Pet Memorial Garden Tomb Stone

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It is a common understanding how a person can be attached to his or her pet emotionally. Thus making it obvious that losing them also means a great deal and worthy of a proper tribute. Memorial garden ideas for pets including this custom carved boulders of the pet’s name, date of birth and date of death. It is simply neat yet touching.

Custom Marker Stone Memorial Garden

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An outdoor memorial garden ideas for pets can make use of a large stone as a marker. Remarkably, this marker stone takes shape as a dog’s paws with a farewell phrase engraved on the surface.

In addition, it has the dog’s picture pressed and coated under the carving.

Mini Rock Garden for Memorial

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This memorial garden adopts rock garden concept. White river rocks lay on top layer bordered by grey gravels. However, it leaves spaces for planting flowers and put down a lantern decoration.

Memorial Garden Ideas at Nursing Home

Nursing home, or care home, is merely a healthcare for elders. Practically it is the place where the elders fill each other’s loneliness by being in each other’s company. The residents are making memories inside. These days, nursing home establish their own memorial garden. It helps the residents to reconnect with past memories with past residents, reminisce and mourn healthily.

Memorial Garden Gate

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This memorial garden intends to carry away the residents, and even the guests, to reminiscence ever since the first step. The front gate welcomes the visitors with lavender bed. The plank, which shapes like an arc, is a statement of what seems like a gate. Through the front steps, it takes them to feel the atmosphere of joy, peaceful memories.

Nursing Home Flower Bed Memorial Garden

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Flower bed memorial garden in a nursing home helps the residents’ well-being. Seeing flowers, vivid colors, smelling soothing scent trigger the brain to feel good. It does not only for visual, it is mentally beneficial for the residents inside.

Bonsai Memorial Garden

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A Japanese memorial garden in nursing home grows bonsai tree every time its residents passed away. The planter marks the name of the late residents, so each one gets one. Bonsai itself is an art that is seen as balance and harmony of nature and a man’s soul. The bonsai memorial garden is meaningful and one of unique memorial garden ideas in some way.

Engraved Tree Memorial

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Giving an engraved message in a tree is a brilliant memorial garden ideas at a nursing home. The message engraved in a metal sheet on a tree will mark a tree as a memorial to a loved one who’s passed away. It becomes very personal, particularly if he or she was fond of that tree on their life.

Small Pond Memorial Garden

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Having a pond at a memorial garden in a nursing home is not something bizarre. It is appealing instead. Water always have a calming effect just by looking at it. The decoratives such as birdbath attracts wildlife. Additionally, the mini statues and the small windmill enliven the scene. A reminiscent bench is appropriate to place at a scene like this so the residents can share and connect.

Backyard Memorial Garden Ideas

Creating memorial garden is more personal at our own backyard. It is more practical since it is a few steps away to give the tribute. It is easier to maintain because it is nearby too. The space availability may be limited, but here are several inspirational ideas to create one at home.

Concrete Planter Memorial

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This is an example of small memorial garden ideas with concrete planters. The concrete stands tall at the center as the tribute to the late loved one. Bamboo trellis behind it spreads wide so it creates beautiful vine at the back.

Flower bed of various kinds form a semi-circle layout. Overall, it is looking nice and orderly.

Personalized Memorial Garden

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This memorial space consists of several potted plants, garden lighting, mini statue on top of a raised soil. The owner hangs a wind chimes on a branch. The whole scene is pretty much personalized to the loved one’s character.

Memorial Garden for Baby

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This backyard of a house make space for the memorial garden ideas for the baby. The idea of a small playground for children is one good example of meaningful baby memorial garden ideas. A kid’s chair is placed on top of the garden, surrounded with rocks, bushes and vines. Certainly, it touches heart whoever see it as a tribute to a little one.

Home Memorial Garden

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This backyard garden creates space for the family to unite and reminisce for the other members who have left. The table at the center symbolizes the heart of the family. The ceramics that surround it is the tribute the members. Additionally, a garden lantern lights the memorial garden. Dragonfly decoration and bushes liven up the scene.

Bird-feeder Memorial

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As the boulders are stacked to a small rock garden, it is inspirationally attractive as a memorial garden. Place a bird feeder and bird bath nearby to attract the bird and liven up the atmosphere. Flowering bushes are necessary to create natural scenery.

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Memorial Garden Layout Ideas

The gardener often underestimate the layout for the garden. It results in disorganized plants and inefficient space usage. Apparently, it is the same for the memorial garden. These ideas below reveal layout ideas that is impactful and gorgeous.

Flower Memorial Garden in Star Shape

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Flower bed plays major role in a memorial garden. This flower bed consists of two tones, which are red in the inside and green that borders the red flower. The flowers planted lengthways alongside the raised bed garden area.

Circle Pond Garden for Memorial

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Circle garden ease up the visitors to gather around in the same space. The pond at the middle is a pleasant attraction. The pond lights up the surrounding vibes and creates solace to everyone.

Squares Memorial Garden

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Have only just a small space for a memorial garden? No worries. This historical building utilize the lawn space for everybody. Apart from the tree growing at the center, concrete squares are fixed beneath for every member who’s memories matter there.

Memorial Garden at Hill

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Sloped hill should not be too much of a problem. It shows that it can be a marvelous layout for the memorial garden instead. Concrete raised bed holds the soil for the planter. Additionally, the stairs and the water fountain at the top, all in white color.

Royal Palace Memorial Garden

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This is the memorial garden as a tribute to Lady Diana’s death. It grows white tulips, personalized to Lady Diana’s favorite flower. The layout of the memorial garden is orderly, which is rectangular, and has a pond at the center.

Memorial Service Garden Party Ideas

Memorial day is a substantial day to the family and the veterans commemorating the deceased. It is a heart-warming event to gather up and appreciate freedom life currently gives. These are decoration ideas that surely would adorn the event at your garden.

Memorial Carved Bench

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Besides an engraved tree, there’s also carved bench. The garden bench is specifically a place to commemorate past memories in company of a friend. It is a best gift and personally meaningful.

Door Decorative Memorial

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The white wooden door is the highlight of the memorial. On both sides, two potted plants accentuate the garden, making it looks like the front of a house. Not far right, a window sprouts flower. No memorial garden can be this simple yet highly artistic.

Memorial Urns

Image source: Designs by Elizabeth

The design of the house eases up the layout of the memorial garden. The memorial garden emphasizes in the three urns placed at the center of the gravel bed. The garden edges grow Black Eyed Susan and shrubs.

Memorial Flower Garden

Image source: Dana Pacific Landscape

This flower bed is the center of attention in a memorial day gathering. In this garden, three colored flowers grow in spiral form on top of the lawn. It is essential to choose the flowers according to the late person’s liking due to honor his or her day.

Fireplace for Memorial Service

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Memorial day can last up until the evening. On the evening of the memorial day, your guests will be grateful for this outdoor fireplace. It is useful to create warmth and brings people closer together.


In conclusion, creating a memorial garden to honor precious people who was alive is a very moving gesture. It incredibly captures true love and admiration towards somebody in a meaningful way. Once someone has passed away, they are never really gone away. As long as there are people who still cherish them, their memories and marks in the world lives on.


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