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Kitchen Rugs (Best Material and Amazing Design of Kitchen Rugs)

Kitchen RugsRugs might not commonly use in a kitchen. Some people think it will be so much hassle to put mats in a room that has a lot of traffic like a kitchen. Because it will be hard to clean up the food stain on a rug, or it will be too slippery and might cause any harm to the homeowners.

However, decorating the kitchen with rugs can be one of the best decisions you did in your lifetime. Putting mats can add warmth and uniqueness to a kitchen. You just need to research a little bit about the materials, textures, or even patterns that will be suitable for your kitchen design. Let’s take a look at these tips and tricks about kitchen rugs.


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What Rugs are Good for Kitchen?


What kind of mats that will be suitable for my kitchen? That’s a good question. To answer that question, you need to research each material available in the stores. You may need to consider budgeting, durability, cleaning difficulty, texture, and environmental friendliness. Without further ado, here is the explanation of things that you need to consider before buying your first kitchen rugs.

1. Find a Matching Rugs with Your Kitchen Interior Design


Basically, the rug is a decoration. It is very essential to choose a matching carpet that will complement your kitchen design. If bright colors dominating your kitchen cabinets and flooring, choose a neutral tone mat that will well-blended with your kitchen design. On the flip side, consider full-patterned or full-colored rugs to liven up your neutral tone cabinetry and flooring.

2. Choose The Best Material That Suits Your Needs


The durability of materials is the most essential element for a rug. A kitchen rug should be water-resistant and super soft to make your feet feel like on a cloud even when you’re already standing for a long time.

If you cook a lot in your kitchen, a flatweave rug might be the most ideal one. They are made from fibers like cotton that is so easy to maintain, and colorfast, so it is durable. A plush or high-pile wool rug also a good choice for tile flooring kitchen. It is thicker than a flatweave rug so that it can provide extra padding to comfort your feet as well as reducing the noise.

3. Easy to Clean Rugs


Food stain, oil splatter, spilled-out seasoning, all of them are inevitable in a kitchen. So, it is vital to choose rugs that are easy to clean. Kitchen mats made from natural fibers such as jute, sisal, or bamboo are easy to clean. They can be washed by hand and can withstand heavy foot traffic in the kitchen.

You also can consider polyester and polypropylene rugs because they are non-flammable that can be suitable to put in the kitchen. They are actually the easiest materials to clean, even using scrubbing or bleaching methods, it will be fine.

4. Non-Slip Rugs


It is crucial to choose a non-slip rug for your kitchen. Because slippery rugs might endanger kitchen users while doing their activities. There are a couple of ways to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. These days, some carpets complemented by a non-slip backing, so the mats will not move and stay in its place. A mat pad not only can keep the mat in its place while reducing wear, tear, and noise, but also increase comfort.

5. Consider Foam Standing Mats for Comfort


Foam standing mats are a perfect choice for anyone who spends a lot of time cooking in the kitchen. These anti-fatigue kitchen mats are made with cushion-like materials that can support your feet. It also can help you to prevent pains in your feet, knees, and backbone. Place these smaller mats where you stand the most, then position a larger kitchen rug under your table to make the rest of your kitchen pop.


Where Should Kitchen Rugs be Placed?


You need to place your rugs in strategic places. Try to put the mats wherever there is a spilling or splashing potential on the floor. It can be in front of the refrigerator, sink, or even stove. You could consider placing a rug made by heavy-duty material in front of your main meal preparation area to add more comforts in the kitchen.


Pros and Cons of Having Kitchen Rugs?

There is a heated debate in the interior design world about whether putting a rug in the kitchen or not. Some designer pros with the idea that placing a carpet in the kitchen might be gross and smelly, while others agree that rug livens up the hard and cold kitchen. If you still can’t decide where you stand, here are pros and cons arguments that you should read before deciding to put a rug in the kitchen.

1. Con: Not Hygiene

Source: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Some people designer thinks putting carpet in a kitchen is the wrong decision. They might look pretty in an interior design tabloid, but they are impossible to keep the kitchen hygiene. If you want to have a clean look kitchen, get rid of your rugs.

2. Pro: Full of color and texture

Source: Huseby Homes

Most stylish kitchens use stainless steel appliances and monochromatic tone cabinets. The multicolored rug can brighten up that space. The textured or patterned rug also can bring in the uniqueness in the kitchen.

3. Con: Slippy

Source: Heidi Caillier Design

Rugs in the kitchen can move around because it is slippery. It also has a potential hazard if the materials start to curled-up. To fix this problem, it is highly recommended to attach a non-slip pad or a gripper-style pad to prevent any further slip-and-fall accidents.

4. Pro: Easy to Clean

Source: Slifer Designs

People might think that kitchen rugs end up with food stains and oily grease. However, some experts believe by using rugs, we can keep the kitchen flooring stays clean. Because greasy splatter or crumbs that stuck onto the mat will stay there. So, it will not make the kitchen flooring dirty and slippy and dirty.

5. Con: Smelly Odors

Source: Allen Construction

Surely, smelly odors in kitchen rugs are inevitable if you cook daily. Replacing and cleaning the kitchen mats regularly will help you a lot. Although the spills and drips in the carpet’s fibers can be embedded odors over time.

6. No Rug is also possible

Source: CBI Design Professionals, Inc.

If you still insist on the cons side, you still can add colors and patterns in your kitchen. You should try to install the pattern tiled design to liven up your kitchen decoration. You also can hang up vibrant curtains to make your kitchen looks more colorful.


How Big Should My Kitchen Rug Be?


You need to measure the aisle between cabinetry and counters. So that you can find a suitable size for your rug. You need to spare around 6 to 24 inches between the edge of the carpet to the counters or cabinets.

If you don’t want to cover all of the floorings, consider using a small mat with anti-fatigue design. If you have a galley kitchen, you can try adding a rug between the island and the sink. Put runner or narrow rectangular carpet without overlapping your cabinets. It can make your small kitchen looks spacious


Where the Place to Buy a Kitchen Rug?

Rugs can make your kitchen looks vibrant, but it also can drain out your wallet. But, you should not sacrifice quality and style, if you know where to buy the cheap kitchen rugs

. Amazon, Wayfair, Target are well-known stores that offer affordable rugs with good quality. Some stores that you might not know yet are One Kings Lane and Revival Rugs. They also provide high-quality rugs at reasonable prices.
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Best Area Rugs for Kitchen

Choosing the best area to place the kitchen rugs might be very tricky. Because we don’t want it to get dirty so quickly. Here are several best spots to put your kitchen rugs.

1. The Aisle Between The Dining Nook and The Island

Source: Harry Braswell Inc.

In this kitchen, the green flowery carpet is covering the gap between dining room and kitchen island. It is one of the best spots to put a rug because the foot traffic area on that space is less dense rather than in the meal preparation area. This example is worth to try.

2. The Galley Kitchen

Source: Studio Q

The colorful rug successfully brightens up the simple all-white galley kitchen. It is placed between the cooking and meal preparation area. This aisle is the one and only space to place the rug on this galley kitchen.

3. Under the Kitchen Island


Placing a carpet right under the kitchen island is also worth to try. Especially if your kitchen island is not that big and bulky. So, it is still possible to vacuum the carpet regularly.

Washable Kitchen Rugs

The most important quality of a kitchen rug is it needs to be able to wash either by hand or machine. So, before you buy it at your favorite online store, you need to know its specifications. Let’s take a look at these washable kitchen rugs

that you might consider to buy in the near future.

1. Machine Washable Kitchen Rugs

Source: Wayfair

The Oberle kitchen mat is a little bit expensive, but the quality is worth the price. It is the perfect mat to place in front of the sink because it is anti-slip, water-absorbent, and washable. When it accumulates debris, stains, even oily splatters, you can just toss it into your washing machine.

2. Reversible Kitchen Mats


This rug design is a combination of modern color tones with bohemian textures. It is made from cotton that is easy to maintain and machine washable. It is also reversible, so both sides can be used with a different pattern.

3. Handmade Carpets


This is a carpet that is made from handwoven cotton and hand-dyed with mustard color. This eye-catcher carpet brings warmth in the kitchen or any other room. Even though it is handmade, it is durable enough to wash either by hand or machine.

Non Slip Kitchen Rugs

It is an unquestionable fact that kitchen rugs should be anti-slip. You need to make sure that your favorite kitchen rugs are not slippery, so it will not make cause any accidents. Here are several examples of non-slip kitchen rugs that you might interest to buy later.

1. Polyester Kitchen Mat


This kitchen mat is made from polyester and completed by a non-skid rubber that makes it anti-slippery. It is also stain-resistant and anti-bacterial. So, it is the best mat to place in the spill-prone areas.

2. Seagrass Kitchen Carpet


This handwoven carpet is made from 100% seagrass, which is eco-friendly fiber. This kind of material is ideal to use in kitchen rug design because it is non-slippery. So, it can prevent slip and fall accidents in the kitchen.

3. All-Weather Runner Kitchen Rug


This all-weather runner crafted from synthetic fiber that suitable to put in high foot traffic areas like the kitchen aisles. This non-skid kitchen rugs can stay in place, making it very safe for the user. You can consider placing this runner in your galley kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Rugs

Choosing the right design and pattern for your rug that matches your kitchen decor is very essential. Because if you don’t, rather than to be the eye-catcher, your kitchen carpets will be an eyesore. For sure, you need to read this following modern kitchen rugs ideas to place in your modern kitchen.

1. Striped Rugs

Source: Neil Kelly Company

The stripe pattern is identical to modern design because it looks simple.  This multicolor striped rug is well blended with the mid-century modern kitchen design, which dominated by wood texture. If your kitchen design uses a lot of wood texture, you should buy that kind of striped rug.

2. Animal Pattern Carpets

Source: Kitchen Architecture

Animal pattern carpet is always perfect in any room, including the kitchen. This eclectic kitchen looks trendy with the black and white animal pattern rug covering the floor. This animal pattern rug shouts out to all of you to be bold and try this one!

3. Scandinavian Style Mats

Source: Heidi Caillier Design

The all-white kitchen with medium tone hardwood flooring looks in contrast with the Scandinavian style mat. The rug makes the kitchen looks so modern and neat, just like the philosophy that Scandinavian style always brings into the table. It is indeed worth to try.

Country Kitchen Rugs

Country style kitchen loves to use rugs. Rugs are so commonly used in this kind of cooking place. If you also love country design, you need to check this out!

1. Bohemian Pattern Rugs

Source: British Standard by Plain English

The colorful bohemian pattern rug successfully makes this country kitchen less dull. The carpet looks so vibrant and draws everyone’s attention. It also covers the dark wood flooring’s imperfection beautifully.

2. Classic Pattern Rug

Source: Dura Supreme Cabinetry

The country kitchen and classic pattern rug on the aisle are the perfect combos. The red-toned wood flooring covered up with the matching color rug makes the room looks warm and cozy. The combination of country style kitchen plus classic pattern rug is always a good idea.

3. Flower Pattern Carpet

Source: Linda G Larisch, CMKBD Drury Design

This flower pattern carpet beautifully livens up the monochrome color kitchen. So, it looks less boring and more flavorful. The flowery rug also brings in the potential of shabby chic looks in the kitchen. So it is still can be visually up to date.

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Kitchen rugs might still spark a heated debate between its functionality and aesthetic. If you are interested in buying a kitchen rug, you need to choose the best materials, textures, and patterns that will make your kitchen design looks complete. Don’t forget to ensure that it has non-skid backing to prevent slippery and harmful accidents in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is prone to food stain and oily grease, buying a washable and durable rug will be the best decision for your kitchen.


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