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Kitchen Pantry Storage (Benefit and the Best Way to Organize a Pantry)

Kitchen Pantry Storage – Pantry is a special cabinet that serves as a storage area for food or kitchen equipment. At first, a pantry was a cold and protected place to store stock of perishable food. The current pantry concept has evolved from a simple food storage room to space where basic needs and food stocks at home can store in large quantities, thus, providing many benefits for modern kitchen owners.

The benefit of installing a kitchen pantry is creating extra storage space, which is something that can simplify the work of every homeowner. Messy kitchens not only look dirty, but they also make you easily lose your cooking utensils, food jars, small cups, and whatever equipment you have. One of the easiest ways to overcome these classic problems in the kitchen is to add kitchen pantry storage options. Kitchen pantry storage comes in various shapes and sizes and their respective functions. It is the best way to make optimal use of the kitchen space and doesn’t cost too much for kitchen remodeling.


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What is the Best Way to Organize A Pantry?

Source : Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

There are so many ways to evoke comfort and happiness when you are in the kitchen, one of them by organizing the contents of your kitchen. Storing the materials of the kitchen following its use will be an enjoyable job.

The most important way is to ensure that the items in your pantry storage are the items that you need. If not, you should discard or donate. As well as food supplies, make sure that you store food in good condition. Check the expiration date frequently on your food packaging. Then, the best way to organize the contents of your kitchen pantry is to determine your needs wisely.

Why We Need Kitchen Pantry?

Source : Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

Working in the kitchen will be bored because it requires a lot of hard work to clean and store equipment in the right place. Of course, this will happen if your goods are not correctly stored. The kitchen contains various utensils, cutlery, food, and accessories that need to be stored systematically so that the kitchen does not look messy.

To save this kitchen stuff. You need the perfect spacious space that can hold these items. Therefore you need a particular room to store kitchen needs, known as Pantries kitchen. The kitchen pantry will not only make your life easier but also can enhance your kitchen’s appearance.

The benefit of Having Kitchen Pantry Storage

Source : NEAT Method Santa Barbara

You start to feel that your storage cabinet can no longer accommodate your cooking tools. Or your refrigerator has already begun to be full of food? That means it’s time you started thinking about bringing a kitchen pantry in your home.

The kitchen pantry has several benefits in your kitchen.

1. Make the Kitchen More Organized

The kitchen pantry can help you store kitchen contents according to their uses. You certainly don’t want your dirty cooking utensils to be in the same place as your fresh ingredients.

2. Everything Becomes More Durable

Some equipment materials are not suitable when combined with other materials. Therefore, you must save it according to the storage instructions. The kitchen pantry can help you divide the storage space for each. The right way to store will make your tool last longer

3. Improve Ease of Work

If your kitchen is well-organized, you no longer need a lot of time to search because you already know exactly where you store something you need. Your job becomes easier.

Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

Source : Benbow & Associates

Many people agree that tidying up is the secret of happiness, and you should be happy as long as you are in the kitchen because your kitchen looks neat. A neat row of jars, cookware stored according to function and size and neatly stored drink supplies are everything you want in your kitchen. They need storage in your pantry. Explore the pantry storage ideas that we have prepared for you below.

Food Storage Pantry

Storage in the pantry not only serves to keep your food hygienic but also is entertaining. A row of glass jars containing several types of pasta, a buffer containing neatly arranged food cans, or some baskets of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables will spoil your eyes. Here some kitchen food storage pantry ideas for you.

1. “Hidden” Kitchen Pantry Storage

Source : The Hammer & Nail, Inc.

You would never have thought what was behind this handmade craft cupboard and espresso oak base cabinetry. This storage pantry is a very functional hidden feature of this kitchen. The homeowners make use of every available space to store food supplies for their families.

2. Walnut Food Storage Pantry

Source : Roundhouse

This food storage pantry is made of a horizontal walnut that matches a Caesarstone quartz composite workbench and a breakfast bar that is also made of walnuts. Such an elegant and riveting idea. 

3. Melamine Food Storage Pantry

Source : Closet Organizing Systems

This white melamine storage pantry incorporates a bronze wire basket for storing bulk bag items and a vertical divider for storing cooking trays.

Some doors help hide non-kitchen items that are rarely used and smaller kitchen utensils. Smart Organizing System that you should try.

4. Open Shelving Food Storage Pantry

Source : Charmean Neithart Interiors

The key to good storage is to make everything visible and easily accessible. Storage shelves for kitchen pantry are one of the solutions. This storage pantry uses the concept of open shelving with a large tray so that homeowners can put small jars to large fruit baskets easily.

5. Ventilated Food Storage Pantry

Source : Organized Living

This ventilated storage pantry is very well organized. The wire on the rack is positioned to keep small items from tipping over. The epoxy coating on this rack makes it resistant to scratches.

Beverage Storage Pantry

Source : Oakleigh Interiors

Not only food, but your beverage supply also needs good storage. With a convenient beverage storage pantry, you can invite your relatives to gather and enjoy a glass of wine ora a cup of tea or coffee anytime in your home without any worries.

1. Stainless Steel Beverage Center

Source : MainStreet Design Build

The owner of this house has a beautiful kitchen booth, highlighted with frosted glass doors, a wine refrigerator and enhanced with elegant stainless steel doors. Suitable for use in the kitchen with a modern concept.

2. Efficient Beverage Center

Source : Jane Lockhart Interior Design

This bright and airy open concept family kitchen installs beverage storage that is simple and efficient. they put wine racks and coffee and tea makers in the same pantry in a smart way. The selected bright-white color gives the final touch with premium quality.

3. Custom Beverage Center 

Source : Austin-Morgan Closets

This specially designed wine and beverage storage will change the way you store wine bottles. This rotatable rack not only makes access easier but also entertains. Are you interested to try it?

4. Beverage Center and Coffee Bar

Source : Dura Supreme Cabinetry

The adjoining cupboard cabinet is designed as a drink and coffee center and home bar. with drawers designed to store sugar, cream and more. on the back is used to store coffee machines & electric espresso other small equipment that can be used for daily beverage creations.

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Appliances Storage Pantry

Homeowners are often confused to store a lot of cooking utensils while wanting the kitchen to feel still spacious. Besides food and drinks, your kitchen equipment also requires proper storage. As discussed earlier, in addition to being clean and easily accessible, storing kitchen utensils correctly and adequately will keep them durable. The following are some ideas for storing goods in the pantry that you can try.

1.The Walk-Thru Pantry Storage

Source : Debra Bracken Design

This walk-thru pantry provides easy access not only to food storage, but also to the storage of cooking utensils, small appliances, and many storage baskets.

You can reach the cooking equipment you need while walking to the kitchen.

2. Concealed Pegboard Pantry Storage

Source : Closet Factory

This concealed pegboard pantry storage keeps your small cooking utensils neat. With shelves tucked against the wall, only needing as little space as possible. 

3. A Space Behind the Bookshelf

Source : KellyBaron

Just like secret treasure storage, homeowners have a unique appliances storage pantry. A bookshelf that can be open like a window behind it, there is a “treasure” of unique and antique kitchen utensils.

4. A Space Under the Stove

Source : A Better Home

This pantry Storage under the stove is including the spice storage racks, drawer tray below, and drawer tray on the right. It provides perfect pantry storage for cooking utensils, measuring cups, and spices, which are easy to reach.

5. Kitchenette Pantry Storage

Source : Martina Williams

The complete Kitchenette is a piece of stylish and multifunctional kitchen furniture. It is an inspiring solution for home, apartment, studio, or office. It is made from natural oak and hand-painted, including microwave storage kitchen pantry, refrigerator, induction cooker, and integrated kitchen sink.

Mixed Storage Pantry

“Mixed” means were making a storage pantry a multifunctional place, you not only store food or drink or equipment, but you can store it all in one space. This idea is beneficial for small kitchens. But you must do it precisely so as not to add to the chaos in your storage pantry. You can explore this storage idea through some inspirations we have prepared below.

1. Classic Country Kitchen Storage Pantry

Source : Davonport

This hand-painted pantry storage in dark gray provides useful storage for storing utensils, glassware, and dry food. The spice racks on both doors fully optimize space while the oak drawers at the bottom of the pantry provide additional storage.

2. Walk-In Kitchen Storage Pantry

Source : Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture

This walk-in pantry provides ample storage so that homeowners can put cooking utensils and cake making equipment, storage racks made of iron, spices to a collection of cookbooks. This pantry also equipped with a window that makes better air circulation

2. Farmhouse Walk-in Pantry Storage

Source : Cascade Builders & Associates Inc.

This farmhouse-style kitchen installs a beautiful white kitchen pantry storage cabinet. It is another inspiration for walk-in pantry that always offers more storage space compared to other pantry designs. You will definitely like it.

3.Industrial Looks Pantry Storage

Source : MK Development & Investment LLC

This pantry has plenty of space to store food and equipment. The shelves are supported by pipes, which carry an industrial look in the Kitchen and Dining Room. It is an efficient small kitchen pantry storage idea for a not-too-large kitchen

4. Recycled Pantry Storage

Source : Johnny Grey Studios.

This storage pantry made of recycled stainless steel; this is stunning, and ingenious furniture provides exceptional storage for a variety of bottles and condiments. Tall kitchen storage pantry ideas that maximize the use of narrow and high walls.

Kitchen Pantry Storage Container

Storage container functions are to store something (specifically food and drinks) more accurately. They make food and drinks more hygienic, especially after you open the packaging. Storage containers are available in several types, such as storage for fresh foods, processed foods, and beverages. Here are some inspirational, smart, and charming storage containers.

Pantry Container for Real Food

Real foods such as vegetables and fruit need proper storage to stay fresh. Some things you need to note are, they must get good air circulation. Therefore, they should not be stored in a closed container. The following are smart fresh food storage ideas that will blow your mind.

1. Wall Basket Container

Source : Hardoor

Homeowners store a supply of fruits and vegetables uniquely. They make metal storage baskets that are affixed to the kitchen walls to keep them fresh. You can, of course, implement the same thing. But make sure you have washed and dried the vegetables and fruit so that the droplets do not wet your walls and floor.

2. Drawer Basket Container

Source : Closet & Storage Concepts – Norwalk

Drawers made of rattan baskets are a brilliant idea. You can store vegetables and fruit the right way, and the basket makes the air circulation in the storage better so that your fruits and vegetables can stay fresh for a longer time.

3. Metal Nets Container

Source : Normandy Remodeling

The other ideas for storing fresh items can be found in this metal mesh basket. The location is under the walnut kitchen island chosen for efficiency — such a fantastic idea.

Pantry Container for Processed food

Processed foods often packaged into paper or plastic bags. Once you open them, you usually don’t immediately finish them. You need a place to store the rest. It is where food storage containers will take part. They help organize cupboards, prevent food spills everywhere, keep food fresh, and save space.

1. Acrylic Food Container

Source : NEAT Method Santa Barbara

This storage container made of durable acrylic, this clear food container has an airtight lid with a soft gasket inside that keeps your food locked and fresh with a robust stainless steel clamp. It is suitable for storing your cereals and baking ingredients. The material is lightweight and smooth with a sleek, beautiful, and aesthetic appearance.

2. Snack Containers

Source : NEAT Method Santa Barbara

Iron and rattan baskets and round glass jars are the right containers for storing your snacks. This airtight food jar works through an airtight seal with just a simple ‘click’ on your finger. They are lightweight, with round corners explicitly designed for storing things like biscuits, candy, crackers, and nuts.

3. Food Supplies Storage

Source : NEAT Method Santa Barbara

Storing large amounts of food requires a smart way. Use a modular container to store sugar, flour, and wheat, don’t forget to put the label on the jar. Canned food is more accessible to store without boxes while the rest stored in a large rattan basket. Your storage problem has been resolved.

Pantry Container for Beverage

You, of course, want always to take the time to relax while drinking tea or coffee or cold drinks with your colleagues. whatever beverages you choose, you need proper storage for your beverages supply, so that you and your colleagues are not disturbed by the table with spilled coffee or messy tea powder

1. Nets Basket Container

Source : Haven

This storage idea uses the versatility of an adjustable net racking system that makes it easy for homeowners to move the drink cans supplies from one place to another. 

2. Mobile Palette Racking

Source :

Coffee cup packaging that looks scattered on the table is sucks. Mobile palette racking for storing your coffee cup packaging can be the right solution. Not only functional but also unique and aesthetic.

3. Beautiful Cans Storage

Source :

Tea lovers are not only fond of enjoying the pleasure of a cup of tea, but also the many beauties that follow tea from a teacup to pretty tea storage cans. These hand-painted storage cans will add happiness to your tea time.

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Pantry storage comes with various advantages that will facilitate your work in the kitchen. It will save you money because you know how many items you have in storage and will never buy duplicates. It will save time because you already know where everything is. You no longer need to explore the kitchen too long to find your spatula or waste a lot of time in the morning just looking for your cereal container.


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