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2019 Most Wanted Kitchen Garden Window Ideas

Kitchen Garden Window – A garden window is a beautiful room for plants and flowers; it offers a unique look and feel. Besides, the garden window can make the air have a smooth circulation in the kitchen because the window connects the air in and outside the home. So, many people make a modern kitchen garden window at their home. Besides, the window is a vital need to have a good circulation of air at home.

When people want to put plants in the kitchen, they should consider the decoration of the window and kitchen as well so that it will make the kitchen room look more beautiful and comfortable. Furthermore, if they have a large kitchen but the window garden is very small, they will not have any effect because the size of the room is not suitable for the size window and numbers of plants.

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What Is Kitchen Garden Window?

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A kitchen garden window is a place of cooking activities that are done where it has a hole that communicates air from outside to inside or vice versa so that air in the kitchen room is always fresh. It has a place to plant several or many flowers or other kinds of plants.

Beautiful window will add your enthusiasm when cooking. Besides cooking, you can also enjoy the view of the garden window or your cool kitchen space. Besides, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, and you can undoubtedly save your electricity expenses because during the day you do not need lights in your kitchen, just by opening your window the sunlight will illuminate your kitchen space. Not only it gives beauty to the walls of the kitchen, but also it provides fresh air because of a garden window.

Why making Kitchen Garden Window

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It is the best choice to make a kitchen room get good and fresh air. It is not only adds light come inside the room but also adorns the view of the kitchen. Therefore, many people try to make a kitchen garden window at their homes.

In short, a kitchen garden window is very important for people who have a home because it will make the air flow fresher and the room brighter. After that, it will be able to make the kitchen more comfortable. Furthermore, people can build it vertically and horizontally.

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Tips How to Built Kitchen Garden Window

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Kitchen Garden window is a central component at home. Therefore, the owner should be able to try to decorate well to make it beautiful and impressive. There are a lot of tips to decorate the kitchen garden window. In this case, you will find the tips.

Decorate your garden window with fresh herbs.

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Decorating the garden window becomes popular nowadays and someone can use fresh herbs

to make the garden window better.

Dress up your garden window with simple window treatments.

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Beautifying the garden window can utilize the simplest thing that can be found at our home.

Add some items from your collections to give your garden window style.

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Modifying the garden window can use many things like some items that you have as long as someone puts them very well.

Kitchen garden window ideas

A kitchen without combining with other things will not seem a good one. Therefore, it should be combined with a window garden to look fresh and comfortable.

This will give you ideas on how to decorate the kitchen garden window, which makes your kitchen look better. There are a lot of window ideas that you choose as descriptions below.

Small Garden Windows for Kitchen

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A person who has a small place in the kitchen can also have a good kitchen window if she/he has brilliant ideas. You can see the picture above, everything looks small, but the view is still elegant.

Kitchen garden window images

Source : UB Kitchens – San Antonio

It is vital for a kitchen to have a good circulation of air at home. Furthermore, the color of the window should match with one color to another color. If you can see the right color combination among the kitchen, garden, and window. it will be a fantastic room

Sweet garden

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A sweet garden in the kitchen typically built in a large place. If you can do that, you can make a kitchen set and sink in the middle of the kitchen room so people can walk and run in the kitchen freely. Furthermore, they can plant many kinds of flowers, herb garden, and so on in order to make the kitchen look awesome.

Trendy kitchen

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Every house has a kitchen. To have a trendy kitchen, people should understand how to make and arrange it. A stylish kitchen is easy and efficient that take place in the old cooking areas. With the hiding elements of the bulkhead door

, you will undoubtedly get the elegance and global room

Kitchen Garden Window Design

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Everyone wants to have a large kitchen garden window because it can load and put many things. Maybe, you can put two kitchen sinks in one kitchen room. And then, you can make a large window to put many plants.

Kitchen Garden Bay Window

When a person hears the word “Garden,” she/he think a place which has various plants. In this case, the kitchen garden window is a kitchen that consists of a window with and garden. These are tips to follow in decorating a beautiful kitchen garden window.

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Amazing Bay Window

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We always hope to have a fantastic bay window at home because the cooking area can expand across the inside of the kitchen area and expansion of the floor so that you can put your garden in place. Here, the kitchen sink is put in front of the bay window so that you can wash your dishes with seeing the plants or flowers. Furthermore, there is a table that you sit and eat on it.

Green Bay Window

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Green Bay Window is an easy design for a home to add a space more. And then, a person can have many kitchen tools, gardens, and sink that can be put neatly. Furthermore, it can make kitchen more awesome.

Wooden Kitchen

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Wooden kitchen is the best choice to make a kitchen at home more beautiful. Moreover, you give the wooden the right color to choose, and it will add the enchantment from the wood. In this particular, the wood is combined with modern ceramics that support the view of the kitchen.

Finding a Bay Kitchen

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Making a bay kitchen should consider many things, such as color and shape. A lot of activities will be done in the bay kitchen. Furthermore, a good one should consist of feature suits with color diversion. The concept of the bay kitchen has a window with a place for something

New York’s Kitchen Style

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There are a lot of kitchen styles that a person can apply at his home. This is New York’s kitchen style as reference. New York’s kitchen style combines one place to another place and one color to another color so that everything will look excellent.

Garden Window for Kitchen

Garden window is one of the best components for a kitchen that have a place as an interior shelf to grow plants. It usually exists in the kitchen. That purpose is also to decorate the kitchen with several windows and plants. Besides, the garden window also is an appropriate place for plants to live safely.

Kitchen Design

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This is a good example of kitchen design in which there are a lot of plants in the kitchen room, shelves on the wall, and everything looks good. This kitchen design will make people follow the styles of stunning furniture.

White Kitchen

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White always gives a good impression for a person. From the picture above, you can get the white kitchen that impresses exciting and clean, and the white color really dominates. Furthermore, you can follow the style, and If you stay in the white kitchen, you will keep staying there because the kitchen room is very comfortable

Gorgeous Garden in the Kitchen

Source : Mascheroni Construction

In particular, this functional kitchen always gives positive effects for people who cook in the kitchen and people who stay there. To have a proper kitchen, the people should consider the sizes because it also determines the kitchen view.

Making luxury kitchen

Source : Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc.

In a luxury kitchen, there are a lot of combinations, such as flowers,  gardens, kitchen sinks, the colors of the wall, ceramics, window, and so on. All of them are modern combinations, and they make people fall in love as a neat kitchen.

Coloring Beautiful Kitchen Garden

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Generally, a kitchen will look like a beautiful kitchen garden if a person can color it very well, and if the person can’t, it will be a messy and lousy kitchen. To look beautiful, you have to use the right color and put kitchen tools beautifully as kitchen garden window pictures above.

Best Kitchen Garden Window

People always need food and a meal to eat so that they need a lovely kitchen to cook their food and meal. You also can use this description to make your kitchen garden window.

Inspirational Kitchen

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It is a small kitchen that can become your reference. A small kitchen design means that the time you spend to clean and maintain shorter. Compared to a large kitchen, small kitchen designs are definitely easier to set up and clean with simple equipment as well.

Small kitchen but  awesome kitchen

SOurce : Gayle Grace

Planing a good kitchen design requires you to be careful in choosing useful kitchen utensils. Each device must have efficient use because the design of a small kitchen has only a little space for storage. If you have this, we recommend choosing multifunctional cookware.

Inspiration of a home design for the kitchen window

Source : Purdy & Associates Design

Everyone needs inspiration for home design for the kitchen window to make his own kitchen. To create a kitchen when you do dishes by seeing this picture, you will get inspiration.

Simple Kitchen with good view from garden

Source : Francesco Pierazzi Architects

Simple kitchen design means fewer stacks of items on flat surfaces such as unorganized cookbooks, and messy kitchen utensils. Having a small kitchen design requires that you learn how to organize your kitchen efficiently and neatly. The result is a neat and comfortable kitchen

Kitchen made from the best wooden

Source : Cameo Kitchens, Inc.

In the new area, people try making a kitchen from modern material. Wooden kitchen will always be the best if a creative architect creates it very well as the picture above. Furthermore, the view still looks classic but marvelous, which makes people stay more extended periods.

Kitchen Garden Window Styles

There are many countries in the world, and every country has its own kitchen styles. In this particular, it gives you descriptions of kitchen garden window plans that will inspire you to decorate the kitchen better than before. besides, you or your family often come to the kitchen many times a day

Flower in Window

Source : Terra Studio

The small kitchen will be a palace of its own for a kitchen queen (mother) who can freely explore with recipes.

New Garden Room

Source : Bruce Clodfelter and Associates

The kitchen that has a lot of plants on the wall can make the kitchen very beautiful. It also creates air fresh.

Hometown Kitchen

Source : Canterbury Design Kitchen Interiors

A kitchen has a window with a garden with a lot of items that are made from wooden, and it will be fantastic. Furthermore, the wooden also adds charming to the kitchen because the color looks natural.

Kitchen having good garden in front of window

Source : Tabor Design Build, Inc.

The kitchen has a small room with a beautiful garden in front of the window. So, it makes cooking activities will not feel boring and dull.

Garden found in the kitchen

Source : Tabor Design Build, Inc.

It is an example of creating a garden window with a different color and item or staff in the kitchen room. Besides, and two kitchen sinks or cupboards can we have and produce in the kitchen.


Kitchen Garden Window is one of the essential components of human needs at home. Therefore, people should try to decorate it very well to make people cook and eat calmly and happily.


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