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Kitchen Cabinets Design (Doors and Storage Cabinets)

Kitchen Cabinets Design – Well-organized kitchen equipment is a substantial thing in the home, especially for those of you who like to cook. A neat and organized kitchen brings you a comfortable feeling and makes it easy for you to find equipment when you need it.

When deciding to make a kitchen, there are many elements that you must pay attention to, including determining the kitchen cabinet that suits your needs. The kitchen cabinet is a part of a series of kitchen sets that serve as a place to store spices, dishes, cups, other cooking tools that can help you find the items you need while in the kitchen.

The existence of kitchen cabinets certainly makes your kitchen neater. The kitchen cabinets are not only functional. But its presence can also enhance the appearance of the kitchen, provided you can choose the appropriate kitchen cabinet.


What Should I Go for Kitchen Cabinets?

Source : Weidmann Remodeling

Choosing kitchen cabinets that suit your needs and personality is not an easy thing to do, but that does not mean impossible. Many choices can be your reference in making kitchen cabinets, including for small kitchen designs ideas. Even, many virtual kitchen designers can help you with how to build simple kitchen cabinets. Regarding the design of the kitchen cabinet, you should think carefully before deciding to design your custom cabinets or buy a new one. Such as the design, brand, material, and size that meet your needs. These are some tips for finding the best things in each of the essential elements for your kitchen cabinets.

1. Best Kitchen Cabinets Brand

Source : Weidmann Remodeling

If you decide to buy kitchen cabinets offered by interior or furniture shops, the brand of the kitchen cabinets is your concern. Do a little research by comparing several brands. Also, check the ratings and reviews of brands that become your choice. Visit related interior design websites to increase your references or visit trusted furniture stores to enrich your preferences.

2. Best Kitchen Cabinets Layout

Source : The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Kitchen Cabinets will be one of the first things you will have when you are in the kitchen and have a significant influence on the overall “feel” of the room. Therefore, determining the right layout for your kitchen is a must. When laying out your kitchen cabinets, the most important thing to remember is what you do most often in the kitchen. If you like baking, choose the cabinets with plentiful storage that can accommodate your baking equipment. But if you more often make tasty dishes, don’t forget to provide a special place to store your spices.

3. Kitchen Cabinets Design Tools

Source : Richeliu

Designing up and build the kitchen cabinets that you want is fun and can save a budget from hiring interior designer services. The critical thing to remember is what kind of kitchen cabinets you will make, so you can determine the tools you need. The essential tools you must have are the jigsaw or router to make the pattern on the material according to what you want. With the right blade, you can cut intricate shapes and make compound and bevel cuts in boards. And the rest depends on the material, type, and your personal preference. Choosing the right tool makes it easy for you to create stunning kitchen cabinets.

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What Is the Best Colour for Kitchen Cabinets?

Source : Gut Gut

It is doesn’t matter with what’s trending, the color you choose for your kitchen should be the color you love.  When you consider the color paint of your kitchen, the color of the kitchen cabinets is an essential part of how the visual going to look. But if you haven’t made a choice, here are some fabulous kitchen cabinets paint color recommendations from neutral to bold colors that you might like.

1. Warm-dark Grey


We all agree that neutral colors for kitchen design with dark cabinets were always look beautiful and “safe.” This grey woods cabinetry dominates the room elegantly. If you fall in love with a kitchen cabinet design with warm-dark colors like this, make sure if your kitchen gets enough natural lighting. Place a large window in the corner with the sun-light. A warm impression will appear in your kitchen without making it look too dark.

2. Sand

Source : Studio Sarah Willmer Architecture

You might be bored with neutral colors, but don’t want your kitchen to look too flashy with bold colors. Pastel colors are the answer to your confusion. Bring the feel of a tropical beach to your kitchen with a choice of sand colors on your cabinetry that will be very contrast with the blue color on your open shelving.

3. Deep Red

Source : Traditional Log Homes Ltd

Red is the new black. Don’t worry about choosing bold colors like deep-red for your kitchen cabinets. The deep-red color leaves a daring and warm impression that matched with a rustic themed kitchen and wooden kitchen furniture. You should choose kitchen cabinets with the closed ones to store your cooking utensils and let the red and brown colors dominate. So, your kitchen will look neat and organized.

4. Soft Green

Source : Jetton Construction, Inc

If you start thinking about creating an eco-friendly kitchen, you might like soft colors that represent nature.  You need to begin to bring a lot of sustainable elements in the structure of your kitchen. This I-Shaped kitchen layout, combined with soft green and a hint of gray kitchen cabinets, creates a peaceful atmosphere for your kitchen. This color is also very suitable for those of you who do not have a lot of furniture.

How to Design the Kitchen Cabinets

Source : LKID

Design your kitchen cabinets to fits your lifestyle and personal taste. You can choose a kitchen cabinet with a modern, traditional, classic, or simple theme. Or you decide to make it open or closed. You can start by finding the source of reference you need such as free kitchen design software or design interior website as much as possible to make your dream kitchen cabinet. You should pay attention to the model, size, and color combinations that suit your kitchen conditions, and of course your needs. These are the guidelines for you in designing kitchen cabinets by adjusting the color and theme of your kitchen.

1. Kitchen Design with White Cabinets

Source : Nexus Design

Choosing a white wall cabinet will not disappoint you. It will be suitable for all conditions of your kitchen, especially kitchens with small design ideas. This cabinet has a combination of open and closed shelving, that will help you to decide which equipment should be “hidden” or “displayed.”  The white kitchen cabinets give space a classic look. This cabinet design is also suitable for those of you who don’t have a lot of budgets to remodel your kitchen regularly because white is the perfect color to have a timeless look.

2. Kitchen Design with Dark Cabinets


If you were looking for a new look for your kitchen, why not try a dark color for your kitchen cabinet. Having dark colors for your kitchen seems to contradict the accepted perception that the kitchen must have bright and lights colors, you might be surprised how well it works for most kitchens.  For example, like this kitchen with a Mediterranean look. The dark -blue cabinets will bring a vibrant and depth impression that cannot be achieved by light colors.

3. Kitchen Design with Cherry Wood Cabinets

Source : MN Builders

Cherry kitchen cabinets are the most popular choice, because of its beauty that can give a strong character to your kitchen cabinets. Cherry wood is a combination of a red undertone to deep brown color that is perfect for those of you who like traditional kitchen designs. No need for the extra effort for cherry wood cabinets, you only need to add a minimalist decoration, because cherry wood has a smooth and satin texture that makes it look luxurious.

4. Kitchen Design with Contemporary Cabinets

Source : Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

Contemporary kitchen cabinet designs always refer to the latest models. It is suitable for those of you who still want something up-to-date.  Contemporary cabinets will favor a simple look, just like these modern kitchen cabinets with industrial looks. A contemporary kitchen cabinet usually used material such as metal, glass, or plastic. The kitchen design is minimalist, clean, and often has a monochromatic color scheme that will give a clean and sleek feel to your kitchen.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Design

Source :

Customized kitchen cabinets are an essential part of the kitchen design and good storage organization. Customized kitchen cabinets are a necessary part of modern kitchen design and good storage organization. Custom kitchen cabinets combine flexibility and functionality while providing plenty of stylish kitchen storage and make it possible to organize and maintain all kitchen utensils, appliances, and small items correctly. Here is some reference that might help you to build a unique and stunning kitchen cabinet.

1. Kitchen Cabinets Doors Design

Source :

While the cabinet boxes are all about the function, the doors are all about aesthetics. The kitchen cabinet door is the face of your kitchen cabinetry. So, you need to pay attention to the details of your kitchen cabinet door. Here are some reference kitchen cabinet doors that you might like.


Source :

The kitchen cabinet door made of glass is the most basic decoration for your kitchen cabinet. If the plain glass is too dull, replacing it with textured glass is the best solution. Not only adds a unique visual impression, but textured glass can also disguise the appearance of the contents of your storage. So, no one will realize if you forget to tidy up your kitchen equipment.


Source :

“Mark” your kitchen cabinet as something special. Something special is not unattractive. The X-marked on your kitchen cabinet door creates a challenging impression, which can attract people’s attention to stop and pay attention to it for a few moments.

Farm House Style

Source :

The easiest way to give your kitchen a great impression is to present a large kitchen cabinet with a farmhouse style. Focus your attention on the wooden door that you place in the middle. Combine with glass-front door cabinets on the left and right to show of some collection of the glassware you have.

Arch Style

Source :

The arch style is one of the most popular forms of kitchen cabinet doors. The shape of the groove gives the door a real shadow effect and an attractive impression. However, the natural wood color tends to provide a higher value to the door. This style suitable to be applied to closed cabinets. So, that you are freer to paint the arch accent on your cabinet door.

Shaker Style

Source :

Although the kitchen shaker cabinet has initially been a traditional style, it has become a popular trend in kitchen renovations today. Because of its classic and straightforward appearance, they can provide traditional or contemporary kitchen cabinet designs. However, this style has several cons, which are difficult to clean and can give the impression of being too dense in the room if you are not wise in arranging it.

2. Kitchen Cabinets Storage Ideas

Source : Inspire Your Space

Storage is the essential thing in a kitchen cabinet. Storage makes it easy for you to organize the stuff of your kitchen according to function. These are some types of storage with various functions that you can present in your home.

Magnetic Suspend Storage

Source :

Bring a zero-gravity feel to your home with this magnetic suspend jar holder. The most appropriate place to install this magnetic holder is near your stove. Not only unique, but this storage design also makes it easy for you to take the jar you need while cooking.

Shaker style storage with magnetic door

Source :

If you are accustomed to storing large amounts of food and spices, you definitely need extra space to save it. You can apply magnetic storage to your kitchen cabinet door to get extra space. For the storage designs like this, you need flat cans to stay fit with the boxes when the cabinet door closes.

Knives Storage Case

Source :

The knives are the kitchen tool that should get more attention. You must store the knives in a safe place that is not easily accessible by children. The knives also require special care so that quality is maintained. Knives storage helps you to organize the knives according to type and function as well as keep your knives from being easily damp.

Spice Drawer Storage

Source :

A drawer with lots of small storage containing spices, It might be a heaven for the spice-lover. Shallow kitchen drawers are perfect for storing flat storage spices. Use a transparent one to make it easier for you to recognize the type of seasoning you need.

3. Design Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

Source :

lay-outing designs to build your own kitchen cabinets is the right choice to get your dream kitchen cabinet. You even can use the unused items around you to create impressive and memorable work. There are some kitchen cabinet designs that you can do it yourself at home.

Cabinet Door Organizer

Source :

Not only as aesthetic purposes, but your kitchen cabinets door can be the additional storage for your equipment. You can add space to the door yourself with the help of a tool attached to the inside of your kitchen cabinet door. Use as storage to store your kitchen cleaning products. This design is suitable for kitchen cabinets that close to your sink.

Recycled Barnwood Door

Source :

Think eco-friendly by recycling. This horizontal kitchen cabinet utilizes unused Barnwood doors. In addition to presenting the feel of a farmhouse, cabinet design like this uses lower space in your kitchen so that every inch of your kitchen space can be function optimally.

Led Lighting Cabinet

Source :

There are so many ways to bring a bright atmosphere in your kitchen, one of them by choosing bright colors for your kitchen cabinet. But if it is hard to get natural light for your kitchen. You can add DIY LED lights that you can compose on your own kitchen cabinet. It might not work in a kitchen with an eco-friendly concept. You should turn off the LED lights if you are not doing activities in the kitchen to save energy.

Cabinets for Small Kitchen Ideas

Source :

In general, the basic kitchen cabinet has a standard size with a depth of 24 inches and a height of 36 inches. If your kitchen space cannot accommodate a standard size cabinet, the choice is to have a customized kitchen cabinet to provide the storage you need in your limited space. Another option is using creative ways for your small kitchen and utilize what you have. There are some tricks for your kitchen cabinet to anticipate the limited space in your kitchen.

1. Cabinets Pantry

Source : transFORM Home

Presenting a pantry cabinet in your small kitchen is about using limited space optimally. If you have the wall, you will have a cabinet pantry.  You can store supplies of processed foods, spices, and wine bottles — separate perishable foods such as fruit and onions with additional baskets.

2. Bulkhead

Source : Small Change Design and Construction

The bulkhead is a steep wall inside the ship’s hull. Inspired by this, you can use the bulkhead on the upper of your kitchen as a cabinet. If you decide to install a bulkhead, make sure that it is used only to store the cooking equipment. Do not to put food supplies on a bulkhead, because the location is quite high, it will be difficult for you to reach it. Complete your bulkhead cabinet with a portable stair that is not only functional but also looks aesthetic.

3. Move to Outside

Source : Penman Brown Interior Design

If there is not adequate space to store your cabinet in the inside, why not to move it to the outside of your home, outdoor kitchen cabinets can be combined with a sink so that your washing activities more freely. You can also feel the sensation of cooking in a pleasant open space. Make sure if you choose the right material for your outdoor kitchen cabinets. Select a material that is resistant to all weather to make it more durable.

Kitchen Cabinets Design with Pictures

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Every room in the house needs the storage,  including the kitchen. Cabinets are the most common choice for the kitchen.  The kitchen cabinet not only makes it easy to manage equipment and food ingredients, but it can also show your personality.  Kitchen cabinet trends always change regularly, but your kitchen cabinet should be the thing you like. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet that suits your needs is the right decision to create a comfortable and organized atmosphere in your kitchen


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