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Simple and Sweet DIY Garden Ideas (Frontyard and Backyard)

DIY Garden Ideas – Originally, gardening is staple to human ever since the prehistoric era of food producing. Our ancestors were starting to live nomadically and therefore slowly learn to cultivate the land. In result, human and plants has been needing each other to survive.

In the light of history, gardening has been a state of culture. Gardens from certain era can say a lot about the culture. For instance, Ancient Egypt had gardens in the area of every temples for spiritual reasons. Another example would be Medieval Europe civilization that build gardens to seclude them and protect them from wild animals.

Nowadays, garden can engage in various form. Thanks to recent findings and technology, many development on gardening has been more inclined to practicality and less dependency to nature. Therefore, more and more plants are available to grow at home. Hence, with boundless design ideas for garden, practically anyone can do gardening anywhere.

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How Can I Make A Garden At Home?

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Basically, starting a home garden project does not need much other than the growing media and basic gardening tools. Nevertheless, it is one’s awareness of the surrounding and their basic gardening knowledge that matter most. Here is roughly what people should know in advance before starting a home garden.

Observe the sunlight on certain areas
While it is true that sunlight is vital for plants’ growth, however too much sunlight may harm particular plants. Some plants, notably tomatoes and potatoes grow well in full sun area. Whereas partly shady area is the place for salad greens to prosper. Thus it is necessary to know which area gets the sunlight and for how long, then choose suitable plants accordingly.

Be aware of the space availability
Ultimately, space availability affect the design of the garden. If there is less space available, vertical gardening is best option for space-saving garden design. Anyhow, there are certain rules to follow for a great small garden arrangement, such as what plants to grow and what garden bed to built. The trick is to be versatile and to stand out any possible way.

Get the soil ready
Preparing the soil is beneficial for healthy plants. Generally, soil with a neutral pH and balanced nutrient level is preferable. These conditions help the plants to be resistant to certain illness. In addition, you can feed the soil by adding organic matters combinations, such as compost, mulch, or worm castings differently each year.

Plant the seed carefully
Learn how to start seeds from scratch because it is a low cost option rather than buying them on home depot. However, some plants are better to plant in transplantation. Be thoughtful on each plants that you grow in the garden and know them well. Not to mention, the watering frequency level may differ according to the type of the plants and the climate of the garden.

Sustain the garden
Make time to really bond with the garden every week. Pull out weeds regularly. Water the garden for at least twice a week, be careful not to water excessively. To handle pest, search for rather organic solution but it is better to prevent the cause by keeping plants nourished.

How Do You Make A Small Garden Look Nice?

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In reality, no garden is a small garden. It is just a right-sized garden compared to the house.

Although, there are unspoken guides of do’s and don’ts to follow to make it look nicer.

Create consistency in the theme of the garden, particularly in selecting colors and patterns. Limiting the color pallet to use in a small garden creates harmonious whole visual. If the plants are vivid and bright, decor the garden with warm and neutral colors to balance it out.

Outdoor Living Space
Extend living space outdoor, because believe it or not, even a small garden can make space for one. Lay out a small coffee table outside with a couple of chairs. Give a decent consideration in choosing outdoor furniture. For instance, does the function can synchronize the family’s character? Or would the aesthetic value of the furniture enhance the vibes of the garden design?

Keep It Simple and Clean
By keeping the design simple it is easier to maintain the visual consistency of the garden. Moreover, simple garden rather have low maintenance because the variety of plants are limited. Clean up the garden regularly from dry leaves and weeds as they kill the garden’s vibe by overtaking the garden.

Plant The Edges
Edging plants define the space and give privacy inwards. So, what can I plant in a small garden? Grow shrubs, notably boxwood that works best to define space and build privacy. Other artistic choice including perennial flowers, such as flower carpet roses, lavenders, clematis, Japanese forest grass, and so on.

Add Lightnings
Ultimately, the wild card in great garden is the lighting. The view of the garden at night should be equally great as when it is under the sunshine. Besides to light the seating areas and the path, lighting creates attraction to the interesting feature in the garden. So, consider to glow the garden decorations, notably the vines, statues, or the trellis.

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What Can I Plant in A Small Garden?

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DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Recently, the idea of raised garden bed is gaining more popularity in home gardening. It is unique since the planter is built several feet higher than the ground level. The construction of a raised bed normally uses wood to form 4-sided rectangular box. However more innovation arises, using old materials and even take shape of multi-level box to create more space.

Build Definition of A Corner Garden with Raised Bed

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A raised garden bed we see most often is a rectangular shaped wooden box. This corner garden is out of the ordinary by making multi-level raised bed. Thus, the design creates more gardening space by using less of space on the ground.

Upcycle Tyre for A Raised Garden Bed

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Some houses keep their unused belongings just in case on certain times they can be repurposed. For instance, this cheap DIY garden ideas repurposing tyres from the garage is no exception as garden decoration. In addition, it holds the soil as well as a raised bed so you can grow your plant there.

Industrial Style Garden Using Galvanized Metal

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This DIY garden edging ideas applied raised bed in steel. The raised bed forms wavy shape thus creating more space in planting vegetables in small garden. Apparently, it takes little effort since the long steel easily alluring the soil and it holds the soil firmly. Then bolt the overlapping edges of steel to create longer wave.

Remodeled Table for Elevated Garden Bed

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With its countertop removed, a desk can be a remarkable raised bed. It is an elevated version of raised bed. Furthermore, it works well in rustic environment, by bringing out its vintage natural color.

Repurpose Cinder Block to Flower Planter

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Since stacking them just as they are can firmly hold the soil, cinder blocks are also an easy alternative. More importantly, the cinder blocks are stacked vertically so the holes can also make space for planting little plants. Moreover it can create multi-level raised bed.

DIY Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening is popular for homeowners with little space for gardening since it only takes up little to no space on the ground. Regardless, the design for vertical gardening is diverse. It is easy to set up and maintain, yet the aesthetic value is priceless.

Tiered A-Frame Vegetable Garden

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DIY vegetable garden ideas are popular for vertical garden. To create this frame, think of the concept of a climbing ladder, place the planter is on every step. Thus, it is only leaning to the wall and easily moveable.

Optimize The Wall Space

image source: Carolina Katz + Paula Nuñez

The owner fastened mesh baskets to the red bricks. In result, it is another way to put potted plants vertically and still removable. Although, be careful on placing the mesh basket with the right distance in between. Furthermore, consider that it is likely be a shady place so the choose plants that are suitable for the condition.

Vertical Hanging Planter

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A hanging planter is easy to make with various designs. It is timeless and exceptional. This design uses steel rod plant hanger to vertically pack the planters. Any small plants, particularly flowers, are best suitable for this condition.

DIY Urban Garden Box for Herbs

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DIY herb garden ideas are suitable for people living in urban areas. Plants notably herbs and garden are preferable fresh. However, they are not easy to access in the middle of town. Hence growing them at home is beneficial for many aspects in life.

Substitute Curtain with Green Plants

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Placing planter to grow plants in front of the window creates privacy towards the inside of house. On the other side, the indoor plants can easily get sufficient sunlight to grow. Hence, it creates remarkable indoor decoration for the window.

DIY Ideas For Garden

Not only consists of vegetation, a pleasant garden also combines other elements to reveal more of animated vibes. Furthermore, adding decorative elements is a way to say that the owner really took plenty thoughts to the garden’s design. Even so, note that over-decorated gardens lower the relaxing atmosphere instead, so keep it moderate and classy.

DIY Zen Garden

The term “Zen” came from Buddhism discipline originated in China and Japan. Zen means to be aware of the present and to one’s mind. In short, Zen is to be mindful. Consequently, Zen garden focuses on mindfulness and help the owners to meditate in the serenity of nature.

Traditional Zen Garden

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The small rectangular zen garden consist of inner rectangular using tiny gravels in sandy textures and color. Then in details, placing a few medium sized boulders and creates water ripples around. Outer rectangular serves as a border using gray granite cobbles and gray river rocks.

Modern Touch Zen

image source: Studio H Landscape Architecture

The combination of succulent rock rivers garden area, artificial grass area and the Zen garden is seamless. This overall neat design plays a little with shape by making a circular place particularly for gray gravel rocks. Hence, it is drought tolerant and requires low maintenance.

Zen Garden Box

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Gravels and gray river rocks make dry bed for the DIY rock garden ideas. The pathway is flagstones set firmly amongst the gravel. Boulders and sedum plants surround the garden. Meanwhile, the pathway leads to main boulder for meditation.

DIY Fairy Garden

Creating miniature garden requires detailed work and it is enough to put people in awe. Meanwhile, a fairy garden does not only require a detailed work, but also a precision to certain fantasy, which is an abstract concept. That is why fairy garden is always fascinating either to look at or to make one.

Where The Harvest Fairy Lives

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This miniature reveals the fairy house out of children’s fairytale book. Commonly, it consists of gravels, mulch, artificial grass and ornamental grass while some mini plants are real. The fairy house can be found in gift shops for fairly affordable price rather than building one yourself.

Transform Basket to Mini Garden

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This mini garden utilizes an empty fruit basket so it is lightweight and conveniently moveable. It is significantly best to place for indoor decoration. Furthermore, DIY mini garden is a great creativity project for anyone since it is easy and effortless to make.

Don’t Throw Away the Broken Pot

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What is broken is meant to be broken for a reason. More often than not, it is for a good reason. Admittedly, some mess creates a great design nevertheless.

DIY Garden Art Ideas

The art of a garden is the owner’s way in expressing their creativity to decorate the garden. For instance, repurposing and upcycling old materials that is no longer used. Or rather, make something new that is particularly unique.

Recycled Flower Decoration

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Indeed, flowers is a vivid color source to the garden. However, there is a condition where flowers don’t have the space to grow, such as in garden full of edibles. Hence, an ornamental flowers made out of aluminium can sufficiently help to give vibrant colors to a dull garden.

Garden Animal Lighting

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This animal shaped lighting is remarkable in so many ways. Firstly, its shape is animal, such as cow, which people find appealing on garden. And what’s more is that it lights up. At night, it is hard to resist not to attracted to a cow lighting.

Gardening Tools Decoration

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Spare the old gardening tools because it is still useful for making garden decoration. To upgrade them, attach a planter, spray with colorful stains and hang it on the wall. Consequently, it is simply unique and low-budget planter decor.

Statement Planter

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This Asian shade decoration can be used for the center of the garden. This statue serves the balance of life and nature. It gives off statement of a wisdom. Hence it is beneficial to keep one to remind yourself at a garden.

DIY Garden Decorating Ideas

Primarily, the purpose of adding decoration items to the garden is to make it more attractive. A garden should look nice not only when people look at it outdoor, but also when viewed from the indoor. It is not easy to decorate a garden in just a right proportion. However these are ideas that could never go wrong.

DIY Garden Trellis Ideas

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The ideas of trellis in garden is to define a private space. It creates border and limit the view of outsider to the certain area inside the garden. Moreover, it is more interesting when the trellis plays another role as a place for vines.

Liven Up The Garden with Bird Bath

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A great garden is one that attract the wildlife. Placing a birdbath is a way to make the garden really comes to live. In addition, it is a timeless decoration to a garden since it can be applied in any theme.

DIY Garden Fountain Ideas

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While birdbath attract wildlife, a mini fountain in a garden lure anyone that comes in. The sound of water flowing and downpouring resembles a light rain. As how a light rain gives vibe of serenity, the home garden makes the same atmosphere for your home.

DIY Garden Sculpture Ideas

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A garden sculpture is one significant artistry in a garden. Typically the owner places garden sculpture in the center or in the corner side of the garden. Having a sculpture placed on one easily spot boost the whole mood of the garden.

Light Is Just As Essential

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At ankle-height, additional yellow lighting adds gleaming shot at the garden. Thus, it is best particularly to light small trees and the stairs. However, don’t overdo the lighting, and adjust it fairly since plants also needs the dark environment to grow.


In summary, gardening is an art of living form. A home garden complements and enhances the appearance of the whole house. Thus, if you still don’t have a home garden, it is time to consider starting one in your house.


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