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Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas (Formal and Unique Dining Room Centerpiece)

Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas. Is your dining room needing some of the attention? We’ve put a portion of our preferred dining room for some motivation. From formal settings to everyday use ideas. Dining rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and it now and again takes an innovative eye to locate the ideal space for one in your home.

For an up and coming gathering or to just put an extra component, you can appreciate, table centerpieces add an exciting touch to your home. If you haven’t taken a stab at adding a centerpiece to your table, right now may be the time.

Flowers may be the common thing people put on the dining table. The characteristic of flower that suitable for every occasion and theme make it has some choices. You can also find a candle with various kinds is another favorite centerpiece — the choice of color, even an interesting part of your centerpieces. The source of color can come from the items itself. However, the centerpieces always stand to lit up your dining table.


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Elegant Dining Room Table Centerpieces

Something elegant is very excited to create — the combination of simplicity, power, and grace mix in the elegant ideas. The elegant thing can come to your centerpiece. It lifts your dining table into another level.

Say It with Flower


With flowers, your centerpiece will get fancy and elegant yet simple. White dahlias emphatically give elegant in a vintage silver bowl. The centerpiece bowl and flower are extraordinary. This centerpiece is suitable with a round brown table with a six-white elegant chair. You don’t need to put any tableware or tablecloth; just let the centerpiece stand with its style.

Metal Vessel


Metal vessels always are good in a centerpiece. To make it elegant but simple on this metal, you can put several shapes of a vessel. For example, you can put silver kettle with some accessories. This centerpiece matches with black wood table and chairs. The white pendant is suitable for the silver centerpiece.

Gold Items


Fancy and extraordinary show in this centerpiece. Gold tall kettle and glass kettle stand together in the center of the dining table. Put some candles with gold holders. Other things to put in the table are transparent tankards, silverwares with white napkins. The brown round table makes a sharp look of elegant. This look is classic elegant.

Formal Dining Room Centerpieces

When unusual guests come and have a meal, an important person like your boss, the table set will be different from daily used. The formal atmosphere can be drawn out from the detail of the set, such as the centerpiece. Below are the ideas of centerpieces that can say formally in that way.

Formal White Flower Centerpieces


The flower is suitable for various occasions. White flowers with square pots can be a good idea in a formal way. Let the white orchid grows up. Black vase and a simple tablecloth accompany the flower. The centerpiece is suitable with a black glass table and four black wood tables. The combination of neutral colors, white and black, is the sign of formal situation.

Flower and White Tableware Centerpieces


The combination of flowers and tableware on the table is something special. The violet orchid as centerpiece looks matching with the white tableware. The flower placed in the golden pot with green accessories for the looked-ground. All the things on the table also supported by the long-white dining room table runners. This combination is suitable for a formal atmosphere in your home.

Bowl with Flowers and Fruits


This centerpiece has two choices to fill the bowl for a formal dining table. First, you can put a bouquet, rose, tulip, in the brown and white color. In the middle of the bowl, there are three golden candles. The idea is simple but has a vintage touch. Fruit can also fit into this situation. Silver tall bowl with a variety of colors of fruits doesn’t bother the brown-wood table. Besides the fruits, there are two candles with different height. No need other items, put it down, and you will impress the guest.

Unique Dining Table Centerpieces

If you get bored with the usual centerpiece, you can try some of the unique designs of the centerpiece. The uniqueness comes from the shape, color blend, and more. Perhaps, the flower has been still the favorite centerpiece, but it has even a new way.

Glass Centerpiece


This unique shape made from glass. The bowl has one long foot and a big bowl on top. The foot part with black gravel gives the color. On the bowl, there are some black-and-white balls made from ceramic. Other items on the table also support the glass concept on the table.

Mix Unique Candle and Plants


This unique dining table centerpiece has several items that combined. The candle holder Y shaped took your eyes with a flower beside it. A white table runner fits with the holder. In addition, a formal feeling with a unique idea comes through the runner.

Various of Candle Holder


The oval-black table with six chairs is the perfect company for a candle centerpiece. You can notice the unique here is the candle-holder. Some candles are set in the variation of height. This centerpiece will catch the guests’ eyes while they coming to your dining room. The stand of centerpiece lets you do another activity besides having a meal on the table.

Centerpiece for Kitchen Table

The decoration of the kitchen is not only about wall color, or appliances that used, but a detail decor item will make your kitchen special. You may add a centerpiece on your kitchen table if you get bored with the kitchen. The centerpiece is not only a set of decorations, but it has another function.

Pumpkin Centerpiece


These pumpkins will look real on your fall kitchen. Decorate your kitchen table with ceramic pumpkins set. All pumpkins have a removable cover and large room inside. Suitable for holding treats or a catch-for every treat. The pumpkins can easily put out from the stand, which has a looked over the metal plan with metal leaf emphasizes.

Mosaic Bowl Centerpiece


You would adore the flawless shape, smooth lines, and mosaic design on this beautiful bowl. It includes a bit of class and delightful presence to any space. This centerpiece looks outstanding without anyone else, and this bowl can be a function to hold different things around your house. Hold a bouquet of flowers or use it to place candies.

Different Height of Glass


For the glass as kitchen table decorating ideas, you can put more than one on the table. The simple thing you can do is differentiate the height of the glass. To fill the glass, you can put different color balls above the crystal sand. You can make the other variation by putting the flower on it or use floating candles.

Floral Dining Table Centerpieces

Frequently we can consider flowers to be the centerpiece for the dining table. In any case, we don’t simply arrange them and add them to a container without an imaginative way to deal with it. The imagination can start from kind of flowers, vase, or something to accompany it.

Golden Floral


Fake flowers will catch your eyes with a different color of the natural ones. The combination of flower, green leaves, and some features on the bowl brighten your dining table. You may put the bowl of flowers between two candles. The golden candles holder fits with the color of fake flowers. This kind of floral can also be unique table centerpieces for parties.

Tulip on The Bowl


A big bowl as the centerpiece can be a trouble if you don’t know how to fill it. A white tulip can be a good idea. Pour the water until a third of a fourth of the bowl. Then, put a bunch of tulips on it. The green leaves and steam fill the bottom part of the bowl. Just let the leaves touch your table to make it natural.

Warm Floral


Another arrangement of flowers you must try is a blow-up arrangement. The flowers consist of some variants from big to the little. Little red and white roses combine with fresh big ones. Don’t forget to have wild grass as an accent of green color. Beside the bowl of flowers, there are two classic candle centerpieces. With red tablecloth, make it perfect.

Dining Table Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Candles on the table could warm and welcome us. The candles centerpiece also will fit in every situation and not link with the season or some situations. They will light the table instantly and warm the guest.

White Wolder


An idea for a black or wood-material table that must put candles. The candles set in a straight line between the two pots of floral. The white color on the candles is to suit with glass material on the drinking set. The classic style fits on it.

S-shaped Holder


The simple style sticks on the candle. The candles are set on the S-line. The metal material of a holder is a sign for a long time using. The candles are suitable in everyday table set.

Spiral Glass Holder


Spiral shaped of glass candle holders make the difference between items on the table. The set of candles is on a different height. It maybe looks in a formal dining table set. Don’t forget to put another centerpiece like a flower or tablecloth.

Red Centerpieces for Dining Table

For some reason, red closes with a romantic thing. Usually, it uses in wedding occasions. From now, you don’t need to wait for a wedding to have red centerpieces on your table. You can use red items as a centerpiece on another occasion that will beautify your table decoration.

Red Tulip


The red color here comes from the tulip. A bunch of tulips always fits with a medium-height pot. You don’t need anything else to add for filling the vase with water and put the flower.

Floating Red


Red here comes from the item that floating on the glass. It accompanies floating candles. It looks suitable for the romantic dining set or having a great dinner with someone special. The red helps the light from the candle to beautify your room.

Red Christmas


As the name, the centerpiece usually is found in the Christmas time. The red flowers with the pine leaves gather around candles in the center. You may place this on the dining table while Christmas with other red items like a tablecloth.

Everyday Table Decorations Centerpieces

As your dining table is a special place doesn’t mean that you wait for a special occasion to make it beautiful. In everyday use, your table must look special. You can add a simple thing to it as centerpieces. This easy and simple will bright up your daily dining table.

Lantern Centerpiece


The everyday centerpiece begins with a lantern. Lantern is antique but special. The lanterns are set from the candles. The idea became an everyday set because of the simple and antique ways in the lanterns. Lanterns will fit in a daily look. Just add some mini plants and a simple straight tablecloth.

Breads, Floral and Candles


The set looked classic with bread on the table. You can add fruits or nuts to the bowl. Don’t forget to change the bread, fruits or nut every day because you can also eat them. If you don’t want to change it, just put the fake ones.

Kettle on Top


Putting kettle with some other item to decorate the table is a good idea. You can use it whether only as a part of the decoration table or for a drink. You put the kettle on the top of the tier; in the middle and below, you can put some other decoration items such as tableware or rock with words. Some may call this as tea or coffee table centerpiece ideas.

Simple Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas

You can light up your dining table with less effort. Also, you only need to put some easy or cheap elements on your table. You will not spend a lot of money on it. The pretty things can come from something small and simple.

Flower on Glass


The flower always fits in every style of centerpieces. This simple and tiny flower looks cute on the table. The color of flowers looks to contrast with the round base, but it makes your table colorful.



Fruits can be a simple centerpiece in a bowl. You only need a medium or small bowl filled with fruits. Choose fruits with a bright color, such as oranges. You change it with other kinds of fruits such as apple, berry, or lemon.

Bottles of Wine


For this centerpiece can be not only a decoration but you can also drink it. Some bottles of wine on the table can be good. If you plan to have a meal with your friends, the wines can be a warmer atmosphere there.

How to Decorate A Dining Room Table?

Nowadays, the dining room becomes the center of the house. It has its standpoint. The host can do some activity in the dining room, especially on the dining table. Not only having a meal, but the table also can be used on any occasion, such as reading, cooking, gathering family, and so on. Keep your table look fresh by having dining table decoration items that stylish and useful. Whether you want your dining table, look simple or extravagant, there is always a way to make it accurate.

You can start decorating your dining table with settling down essential needs such as tablecloth and tableware. Different designs of tablecloths can make your table more attractive in a different theme. You can use floral design to feel country charm or get funky with a colorful tablecloth. Then, you can try putting the centerpiece on your table. A bouquet of roses in a vase can feel a formal taste, tropical blossom in a tall vase can feel a playful thing, or putting cloth or silk flower to feel classic design. Besides, make sure your decoration will not distract the view of your dining room.

What Should I Put in My Centerpiece Bowl?


The centerpiece becomes an essential item for your dining table. You can get stylish, colorful, formal, or joyful for your dining table trough the centerpiece. There are many various centerpieces, one of them in a bowl. Bowl is a simple item but can go with different materials, shapes, and sizes. That multiple can be your reference in decorating the dining table. Despite that simplicity, you need to consider what to put in the bowl. Here are some items to put in your centerpiece.

Beautiful Candles

A candle is the main item for a centerpiece. There are lots of different candles you can use. In choosing the candle, the thing to consider is your room theme or decorating. There is a floating candle, a new spin that you must try. For the atmosphere early-evening, you can use floating rose candles. To make an Asian or Zen atmosphere, you can use lotus-shaped candles. Light the candle in the bowl with the fill of water. That simplicity put your dining room in beautiful.

Fruit Is the Common but Decorative Thing

As said above, fruits are a decorative thing you can use to fill the bowl. You can put the fruit of the season such as pumpkins, lemon and lime, pine cone, and so on. The color or material of the bowl is also critical of what fruit you put in. Choose bigger fruits such as orange, apple for a dark bowl. The mix color can make your dining room table decor stunning. Put a variety of fruit, nuts, or pine cone for the transparent bowl. The bottom part of the bowl must be attractive as the color on the top.

Flower, Must Put In

Flower, as its name, is a pretty item that can fill your dining table bowl. The soft feeling from flowers works as beautiful as the floating candle does. Just fill the bowl with water and put roses, magnolias, or violets in, and your freshness centerpiece comes. Don’t be afraid of the flowers lay down to your table, that’s how the flowers on the centerpiece bowl.

How To Decorate Dining Table When Not in Use


It is undoubtedly that the dining table is the center look of the dining room if it has a stylish design. When the table is not being used for eating, the table becomes an empty part with some stylistic theme love and styling consideration. Below, there are some ways to decorate your table when not in use for eating and still have style on it.

Natural Things Will Work On

The natural thing here are plants, flowers, and fruit. You can rotate the natural items for having a great experience for the dining table. Using plants for your dining table is a good idea. Think extravagant and dynamic with your plant’s shading and larger than average is commonly better, yet consistently think about the size of your table. The fruit or flora’s accessible to use at some random time will occasionally change, ideal for reflecting the beautiful tones and vibes of the outside world on your special tabletop.

Various of Containers

Different kinds of containers such as ceramic, glass, metal, or wood will be great if it placed in the center of the table. Glass or pitch jars can look delightful in a grouping. The key is consistently to organize in odd numbers to make these groupings more stylishly speaking to the eye. Need to remember, consistently utilize a wide range of sizes and shapes; however, attempt to keep the material of the containers the equivalent to promise a stable assembled look.

Considered Lighting

Right here, it is not about what on the table, but what above the table, and pendant lighting such a good idea. Important points in choosing pendant over your kitchen area to make sure it works with the shape and size of your table and keep your pendant matching with your current inside stylish.

Table Setting Ideas for Home

Good meal time can come from these things: food, company, and set the table. Here are some ideas for setting your table to refresh the table look. These are standard table settings but for perfecting on any occasions of your mealtime.

Charm Look


Metallics consistently feel happy, making them the ideal go-to for a special dinner. Go intense by weaving dazzling completes all through your table, from the flatware and plates to the happy centerpiece. We adore the geometric themes in this blend, which loan the entire scene a lively, cheerful air. Stick to fresh white cloths to adjust such sparkle.

Eternal Beauty Look


Impress your guest with beauty and a classic element of the traditional style. Soft point by point flatware, stylish napkin rings, fragile cups. These pieces tell a respected tastefulness that will lift any foods. Furthermore, try to blend gold and silver for a richly layered feel.

The Simplicity Look


The look will start with a simple shape, soft color that makes a modern style with a mix of Asian and streamlined style. It is better to show acquired through complexity, with dark flatware and smoky glasses adjusting the paler clothes and dishware.


Whatever the season or occasion, you can have a lovely dining table through the centerpiece. You have several choices of them here, such as flowers, fruits, marbles, and many more. Simple or luxury, it helps beautify your dining table. Furthermore, centerpieces are an item that you can afford to make your dining room as pretty as possible. It will not disappoint you to have advantages.


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